When trying to link normals can u delay it a bit

like desk it a while back in this video


FRAME DELAY LINK: Literally waiting x amount of frames following an attack before hitting the next. In the case of these combos there must be a single frame delay. Hitting the attack 1 frame earlier or later than this and the combo fails. Thus plinking is not applicable (a technique that covers 2 frames in order to make links easier).

Are you asking if it’s possible to do something that Desk shows is possible in this video?

Sad thing is. This isn’t the first time such a question has been asked lol

yea do u literally delay it like desk did in this video.


tried to do it in this video.

Yes it’s possible as the video shows, but only for links that have enough frames to spare for it to work. If you’re already trying to do a 1 frame link and want to add another frame to it, guess what, the link wont work. Now, you CAN find ways around this because the way things like counter hit and hitboxes (the actual character’s hitboxes not the stickless arcade sticks) work.

For instance, try the combo you were going for in the video again, but have counter hit turned on. The pushback from the first hit might still be enough to put you out of range for the delayed second hit, but you might also have an additional frame or two to walk forward beforehand like Desk does in those videos. Also, some characters get really wide when they crouch so certain links might work in that case that wouldnt work otherwise. A wide hitbox is why Desk is demonstrating his combo against E. Honda.

so basically have counter hit but delay the second button u push after it.