When was cody jailed

ok i was wondering was cody jailed in between the events of final fight2 and ff3 and how did he escape? did he escape during the riot on final fight3 or some other way cause i mean streetwise is only telling me that cody got put in jail 2 times and where is crooked cop edi.e at

He was jailed for getting into too many fights.

He escaped after there was a prison break/riot. I guess they knocked a hole in his cell and he casually walked out. Since we believe that Final Fight 3 takes place after SFA3, it doesn’t make sense that Cody breaks out during the riots ofFF3.

ok i been doing some research and the back on sfa3 game shows that cody was imprisoned out side of metro city when the riot of ff3 was in the inner city and guy had just got back from his training in alpha 2 so that means ff3 was before sfa3 and that cody’s break out had nothing to do with ff3 riot

iam not sure about this fact but it cody clothes saying something as well, inner city jail only hold you for at least six months and they give you a orange suit cause your usually on parol and cody had stripes which he was doing big time (years, decades) in a more lethal prison and riots broke out there and he got out