When was the last time you got hit


In the testicles really, really hard?

I mean I occasionally sit on my balls, or if I am already sitting, sometimes I will pinch them and THAT right there is a killer. But I can’t even remember that last time I took a solid blow to my nuts that didn’t involve my girls warm mouth playfully nibbling at my bits.


Does getting kicked in the ovaries while sparring count?


When I was in like 3rd grade.
Standing on a metal pole like a genius, I slipped and my poor testicles took the hit. :[


Why is this a thread?
Sees @angelpalm
Oh… explains well.


Only if it was an open toed competition.

And by that I mean camel toe.

Don’t like the thought of having your eggs scramble Mr Sausage?


sack pinches are the fucking worst.


Never, suckers.
The thought of your testicles getting all tender and damaged nourishes me.


Fairly sure it’s the viscous fluids that it helps to produce that nourishes you, you little slut.


They are like soft mangos. You just squeeze them hard enough and they split down the middle revealing the succulent fruit.
Just because I like crushing testicles with my gigantic forehead and getting the warm fluids all over my body as they beg me to stop doesn’t make me a slut, you slut.


never. the thought of it makes me sweat


not in a while, things like that tend to build full tension to the K groove meter and then I just start swinging.

When that was a funny thing to do in high school I would respond with a chop to the neck.


my leg twitched once while I was drunk. One second, I’m about to sit down. The next, I’m bending over and laying out on the ground because my own heel just superkicked my junk…HORD.



…how the fuck were you sitting to get a heel there?


In the 8th grade. Got in a fight and the motherfucker landed a flying kick to my balls. Needless to say I instantly dropped like a sack of potatoes and was out of the fight for good.


Me and my girlfriend were having sex and i accidentally knee’d her in the vagina, so she immediately knee’d me in the balls. mine was an accident. that shit hurt. and yes, i realize how ridiculously clumsy i’d have to be for that to happen.


I haven’t sacked myself in a while but I did get wiener damage recently.
I took a leak yesterday and when I zipped up, the zipper caught my foreskin and it was already wedged in the zipper. So as I was unzipping, it was the same pain but got freed. Surprised there was no blood unlike new years 2009 when I caught the underside of my foreskin on the zipper while screwing a fatty and ended up tearing a chunk where it connects to the head… Not a good start of the year.


weird shit my dude. I had my booze in one hand, I grabbed the corner of the chair. Mind you, I was already sweating and spinning because I had hit so much vodka, but it was my turn to get my shot on. I sat the cup down because of my body shaking like it was, then as I let pressure off my right leg, it just went all possesed limb on me and swung up at full speed. Crashed into my nutsack like a heat-seeker. Starhammer was seeing stars that night. Still, that shot got drank. If I must go down, I will go down like sailor. Hitting waves!!!



I don’t remember, and I don’t want to remember. Getting hit in the nuts is not supposed to be a memorable experience for the victim.


I usually do pull-ups with a 60 lbs dumbbell in between my legs. One day my buddy showed me his dip belt. So I tried to pull it up, but the thing is, I didn’t know how to put it on and I still don’t. So in vain I yank it up and in frustration I really yank it up but the chain on that belt is short so I ended uppercutting myself in the balls with the 45 lbs plate.


Sorry, the tone of this thread is a little too “victim culture” for me.

I think the better question here is: When was the last time you hit someone with your testicles? Like… the last time you struck someone really, really hard. With your testicles.