When was the last time you visted the grave of someone you knew?

You know, I’ve had a lot of relatives that have passed away over the years. Being military, I live all over the world, so it wouldn’t be practical for me to visit their graves. Even still, when I’m in town I don’t go. I also know that my other family members have visited the graves either. Is their something wrong with me/them because of this? I hear about other people doing it pretty often. I’m just trying to figure out why I or my family haven’t done so in forever. I haven’t forgotten that part of my family, but am I trying to forget?

Today, i visited my gramps @ his grave for fathers day.

I never go back. Last thing I want to do is stand on them.

my family and friends just wont die, so at 22 i havent been to a single funeral/visited a grave. but i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. you still think about them and appreciate time spent with them right? i think thats what counts.

I visited my grandparents graves about 5 day ago. Put up some new flowers for Father’s Day.

i dont know where their grave is

There are a wide variety of views on death. The pharaohs had people build pyramids for them to die in. Others are content to die as a name on a memorial or a 8x6" plate in the grass. Some see no purpose in their bodies after death and opt for cremation. Some people bury a coffin full of bricks to honor the dead despite not having their actual bodies.

If you don’t see a reason to visit someone’s grave, then you don’t have to. That’s fine. It’s understandable that people’s beliefs deviate from their family’s as they get older and get their own perspective of things.

Though if anyone gives you grief for not visiting a grave, maybe you should - just out of respect to them and what they believe in.

My Dad’s Dad late last July. I’ll do the same this year.

I don’t visit graves because I don’t believe in them. When I die, I want to be cremated just so I can be 100% sure I won’t be buried alive. Not that anyone I know has ever been so. But still…

I don’t visit graves because there’s no reason to bring back memories of them dying. Leave past things in the past and move on.

I don’t see anything wrong with going or not going, really. I guess it’s just a matter of personal preference. This makes me kind of want to go visit my grandfather’s grave, though. It’s been a very long time since I have.

that shit always freaked me out. I also don’t like the choice between being burned to shit or left for the insects, after I die.

Anywho, I haven’t been to anybodies grave since we buried my uncle. I really don’t know anybody who died besides him, and I suppose I should go sometime.

That’s nice, because we want you to die.

I am not a big fan of visiting graves. If i want to show my respect to someone who has passed i just close my eyes and talk to them.

My mother’s grave. My grandmother was buried with her in a double-plot.

im with you homie. I never do, and never understood people that did.

Do they believe that someones soul is bounded to a single place? Or do they NEED visual clues in order to remember someone? and if so why that kind of visual clue?

No idea why people bring flowers either. Ive seen people bring flowers to people’s graves when they knew that these people , even when alive and conscience, did not like flowers. So im stummped

I just do like JAMSMASTERP said and remember them at will, no matter where i am.

It’s a sign of respect and that you remember them. Is it that hard to comprehend? Just because you don’t get it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have significant meaning to some one else. Don’t be an idiot.

I visited my mom’s grave by myself on mother’s day. its really hard to coordinate with my siblings since they have their own families and kids now.

i never go because i don’t want to be in a weird situation where they end up coming out of the ground and i’m forced to decide do i kill my zombie family members or not

even thinking about making that decision is very stressful

I went to my Grandpa’s grave when my grandma died last March. He died in 1988, a year before I was born and she died last year. That was the only time I have ever been to a graveyard.