When were individual fighters discovered to be "broken"?

Im just curious, Ive always wanted to know when certain games, strategies, systems and characters were deemed “broken” prior to the release of the games. And also who could be credited with finding out about these things? How does one go about finding these things out. . by accident?

Things I want to know in particular::

-The MvC top 5
-Yun and Ken in 3T
-Jin in Tekken 4
-Nina, Steve and Bryan in Tekken 5 ver 1
-Cervantes, Xianghua and Yoshimitsu in Soul Calibur 2

Any other games as well … feel free. I dont know much about Guilty Gear, CvS or SNK fighters but Im really interested in knowing.

Half of these things are found out through experimenting and sometimes by accident. Some are found in beta and never get reported.

Arc System Works/Capcom missed a bad one by about a month and a half with SBX. Taking time restraints and dead lines out of the equasion, one or two more beta tests could have been enough to save a few problems with the game. Certain infinites could have been removed, like Kenshin’s taunt loop, blast attack (wall steeet infinite) could have been altered and damage scaling could have been tweaked a little. All these minute changes could have made the game a lot more diverse and in a sense, less broken.

Ken isn’t broken. He’s stupidly well-rounded but not messed up enough to be considered broken.
Big difference between someone like ST Boxer and ST Akuma.

Characters are rarely considered broken before a game is released. People find out over time; although, sometimes it happens so quickly, you wonder what kind of playtesting they ended up doing. Most 2D fighters have lousy budgets, so I can’t imagine that the playtesting is very thorough – or lengthy for that matter.

It’s usually a combination of things, but one or two major elements are often a big factor.

I know Ken was considered top tier pretty quick, but it took some time for Yun, but it was assumed he would be anyways. Custom combo chars tend to end up overpowered.

Tekken 4 was found out about a day or two about Jin was unlocked.

Marvel took over a year for some of them to be found.

Well, maybe Kula in KOF2001. Right after the release, we saw that freaking infinite and the game was over. And maybe even during the pre-shows in Japan anyone could noticed it and no one in SNK made anything.

Pretty much. There are some instances as well when the developer doesn’t even care at times (glances at SSBB).

3rd Strike is perfectly balanced.


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Chun-Li owns all with her unparrayable SA2 that is basically unparryable. Hell it’s so hard to parry I can’t even do it. It’s that good.

And I don’t even want to begin with how bad some low tier characters like Q, Sean, Alex, and Elena are.

Not to mention parry.

I’m sorry but if you want perfect balance you should try KOF’98, Marvel, GG^Core, and Super Turbo.

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P.S. There’s no such thing as “perfect” balance.

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VF4-5 in their final incarnations should come pretty close.

What is acceptable balance though?