When were individual fighters discovered to be "broken"?

Balance = chess lol

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Answer: When we found out that Street Fighter introduced parries in 3S.

You can’t spell broken any other way.

all those games are pretty well-balanced other than mvc2 though? hell even marvel is better balanced than 3s if youre taking into account absolute (rather than relative to the whole cast) number of viable options, which is the only smart way to do it anyway

also none of the stuff mentioned in the op is broken just good

Xmen vs streetfighter?

That aint perfect balence…

thats perfect brokenness!

I thought we found out Street Fighter introduced parries in NG. :lol:

white starts before black. It CAN make a difference.

=o You’re right. But no one plays that game. =(

I think you might be confusing ‘broken’ with ‘top-tier.’

t4 Jin = broken. A few simple moves that had no business being in the game made him broken.

t5.0 B,N,S = Top tier. High priority moves and long combos were frustrating to deal with, but weren’t game-breaking.

Honestly, I might have a different view on the word. A ‘broken’ character has to ‘break’ the game. The character has to be outside the bounds of gameplay.

ST Akuma is obviously broken.

But I wouldn’t consider MvC2’s upper-tier broken or 3s upper-tier broken at all.

half of the characters in STHD beta have perfect balance between them.

I don’t know about SC2, but people literally broke SC3 in less than a month. Once VC was discovered (around the first/second week out), the game was pretty much over. People immediately found out that Sisters/X/Asta were broken, and they immediately found out how broken Mitsurugi’s VC was. Rarely do I see a game broken this quickly. Only MKA even compares (day 1 Moloch infinite and automatic top-tier hurray).

Steve had an infinite in 5.0. I believe thats broken going by what the first few thread replies say.

Also … They took out Ninas uf+1. And I dunno what they did to Bryan, but by Tekken DR they were nerfed so much that the Mishimas came back into power. Thats not broken to you?

Lee had an infinite in T4. He wasn’t broken. If Steve’s infinite was so easy to hit, then shouldn’t he have been god tier?

In a game with easy 75% combos, I don’t think it’s as big a deal as it would be in other games.

Bryan had a launch on normal hit with b+1 in 5.0

Urban Champion is the most balanced fighting game of all time

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Marvel top 5 isn’t broken.

first, no top 5… second… top 4 isn’t broken… they’re just superior… compare them to roll and they might seem it… but no, they’re not broken… nor is yun or ken in 3S…

The closest i’ve ever seen to balanced…
Super Turbo
Alpha 2 (except chun…)
Vampire Savior

How long did it takes peeps way back when to figure out that Guile was broken out the pooper in the original SF2? What about New Challengers Gief?