When will #6 come out?


next wednesday?
[march 10th i think]

'can’t wait for the big akuma fight.

March 17

…i was close.

I just confirmed the printer. I got the print porrf and stuff and the book will be out on the shelves March 17!


I’m looking foward to it…

I’m getting the Akuma cover definately. the rest of the covers are shit. Hell, I’ll preorder that cover.

Hm… Most people seem to really like both the Akuma holofoil cover and the Shoto cover. Ken’s pose in that is just too cool.

I think it’s the Dustin Nyugen cover that people seem to have a problem with. I don’t understand why though. I really like that one. Tho i think i just figured out why - Ryu’s gloves, Guile’s pose, and Ken’s expression all remind me of Travis Charest’s artwork. And that guy is my hero!

I’ve got all 3 covers on order, I can’t wait I reckon this’ll be a sweet issue.
Can’t wait to see Ryu & Ken take on Akuma :slight_smile:

i like all the covers, but the others don’t compare to the akuma one.

Dustin Nguyen is representing the Vietnamese even though his cover isn’t as good as the others. Just a different style.

i’ve seen it in every issue of sf…a backup story. there could be the three or four more pages for the main story if you took the backup out. will there be issues that don’t have one? i like them (especially from the first issue…that was badass) but they’ve become too routine…

Udoneko already said HERE that #6 wasn’t to have a back-up story.

You’re fucking kidding me right nortlee? Oh well, at least the fight will make up for it. I hope that is.

Nah I’m not kidding if you click on “HERE” on my link above it will take you to the thread where Udoneko said that, personally I don’t mind they have to run out of back-up story’s sooner or later, I’m hoping they’ll use the space to make the story longer for #6.

TOMORROW!!! That is the day!!!

The wait is almost over!!:cool:
Tomarrow is where I can finally see the Ryu/Ken vs. Akuma fight instead of just watching the gamez now.

Its coming:eek:

Ive seen one copy of the 6 foil cover on eBay yesterday.

He was probably anticipating getting it or something. Between the time it takes the auction to end and the time it takes to receive payment and ship it out, people can do that sort of thing without having the comic. The worst that can happen is they can wind up lagging on shipping it out and get some negative feedback. It’s pretty bootleg all around.

the wait hahha, well here’s the issue we (well I guess most of us) been waiting for…hehe

I’m going to get 2 maybe 3 copies of the Foil Akuma hehehe
Is the posters coming at this time too? Might need to get 2 of those too…hehe

Anyways Erik/Udon, Is there any specs on what the theme for the artwork. Last time was guys v.s girls, anythis theme this time?

(P.S Erik check ur Box, camera pic thing :p)