When will Hitler stop being so taboo?

Okay people really need to calm the fuck down when it comes to the subject of Hitler.

One day I’m talking to this broad (friend) and she mentioned that she likes to play trivia at the bar every now and then and this kind of surprised me since she does not seem like the type.
After telling her this, she asked me why I would think that and I replied that it’s just something I literally cannot picture in my mind. It would be like Hitler doing yoga.

Then this chick explodes and tells me how dare I compare her to fucking HITLER!!! (Although clearly I was not) and blah blah blah. No, she isn’t jewish… In fact you can’t get any more aryan than this girl who comes from Irish, German and Scandinavian stock. She’s so white, she would be the aryan queen mother to Hitler’s master race.

While she was going on her female estrogen induced rage, I realized after almost 70 years after this fucker killed himself, people are STILL sensitive about the subject in general because this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this kind of reaction. If you want to polarize a situation, use someone’s name and hitler in the same sentence and see what happens.

Hell, politicians do it to each other all the time because they know how much of an impact that will have on the general populace. If they substituted hitler with Pol Pot, Stalin, Idi Amin or freakin’ Vlad the Impaler, I doubt the reaction would be quite as strong.

ANYway… once again I’ve lost interest in mid post. :bluu:

Well, when it comes to evil dictators and all-around most hated people, Hitler pretty much has topped the list for the last 70 years.

Also, one chick’s reaction doesn’t really reflect on the whole population. People make Hitler jokes all the time…

The girl in your scenario: plays trivia :: Hitler : doing yoga

compare = describe as similar, equal , or analogous

You did compare her to Hitler .

You denying you compared her to Hitler is like Hitler denying he hated Jewish people.
In both cases, you are utterly wrong.


and that makes the OP worse than hitler.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if he flipped out about it? Well, definitely hypocritical.

Some people are over sensitive.

^ he didn’t hate then, he just wanted to cleanse the world of them :x

I don’t know, Hitler has become a synonym with the word evil. It is silly when you think about it, it is just how culture and society have made him up to be. Before him, people thought Napoleon or Attila the Hun were the worst. It will take another brutal dictator to make Hitler irrelevant, and we don’t need another world war to simply replace Hitler as a bad comparison word.

He didn’t order the mass murder of thousands of Jews did he? What makes him worse than Hitler?

You don’t commit mass genocide against an entire ethnicity without some kind of hatred for them.

well you may not have compared her to hitler, but you certainly came off as a much bigger douchebag than hitler did

/did you see what i did there?

weak sauce. maybe you caught her on her period, or she has no sense of humor. maybe both. do it again.

Just stop bringing Hitler up in conversations if you don’t want to hear people freaking out.

Everybody wins.

Yeah, like the ADL, stupid fucks and their ilk bullied the Sonderkommando team into taking down their mod, but they had zero problem with Inglorious Bastards, what a joke.

I still hate that I can’t rock a Hitler 'stache without making people cry like bitches

When will Hitler stop being so taboo?

As soon as he runs out of jews.

Jews= Juice, get it? Ahahaha, shotouts to Mel Brooks.

You should copy and paste this thread to stormfront, see what they have to say about it. lulz

Should I?

Stormfront would be an easy forum to troll… but should I really use my real email account to sign up for a white power forum?:rofl:

EDIT: I’m hella bored so why not? What should be my username(Ihatenig****, killalljews)? Obviously not the one I use here…

I’m feeling hella Clayton Biggsby right now lol…

lol they’ve been trolled many times before. rofl. I’d make a fake email account, I bet they’d have some golden answers to this thread.

I don’t think Hitler is as taboo as you make him out to be.