When will it be okay for FPS's based on September 11th?


Sorry if this comes across as random. I just woke up 5 minutes ago and there was some preview on HBO about another beloved WWII/Vietnam war biopic. These things are really starting to bore me to death.:looney:

Is it okay yet? What about the Gulf War?

I think the more information we get, ie: declassified files and whatnot, and the information that historians publish…within the next 5 years? Or would the wounds still be raw?

I think Infinity Ward could really do something special. And yes I have a sick mind.


Why make a game about a one-sided attack? That’s like asking for Hiroshima: The Game. Do you mean an Iraq/Afganistan FPS?


I’d ask what the point would be, we already got games about war in the middle east and a game about one hijacking would just be boring for the players and upseting for the 9/11 victims.


unpatriotic bastard.


It’s only fun and amusing when it didn’t happen to you.


You could say the same about any game based around historic events.

In what way am I unpatriotic? I was asking in what length of time do you see it happening.

This shit’s gonna be free game in 20 years no no doubt.


How could you base an FPS on 9/11? That is unless you mean a first-person slasher, where you fight terrorists on the planes with box cutters. Now a flight simulator, that’d be more appropriate.

An FPS based on the gulf war would be boring as shit, it’d be holding a midget at arm’s length while kicking him in the balls. May as well make a game about the Falklands war, where the British park their ships 2km out of range of the Argies and blow the shit out of them, just like real life. The reason WWII shooters are so immersing is that the Allies and the Axis were basically even with each having advantages over the other in certain aspects. Vietnam ones on the other hand are probably just entertaining because America lost that war, even if some movies on the subject seem to forget that. “Oh Tet offensive, -roll credits-”

MW and MW2 are already basically based on the iraq/afghan invasions, with some flavour campaigns thrown in for objectivity.



I wouldn’t be surprised of it being a part of some game in some point. And then I wouldn’t be surprised to see the American public go apeshit over it. I think 9/11 will always have a different resonance in the public eye than that of something like Pearl Harbor. Not that they’re completely analogous events but why haven’t we seen any game with holocaust scenes? One would imagine they would put people in the same frame of mind (i.e. get the bad guys look how awful they are) by showing their atrocoties.
also inb4 truthers


it could be like a FPS version of [media=youtube]BCxbruoEFBs"[/media] where you play a fireman and what you shoot is water to put out fires and you help save people from the rubble.


In other war games you have whole armys fighting, in this you would either be the terroists and crash the plane, the civillians who made one plane miss the target, or someone trying to escape the twin towers.

There’d only really be one level each.

It’d only be “free game” because no-one would pay for that.

(Edit: Add one person rescuing survivors and you got 4 levels)


Wow, this is so fucking stupid. Not because of the controversial issue cuz I could care less, but because of how stupid the OP is. Terrorists hijacked a plane and crashed it into buildings. Where is the part where developers would be able to create an FPS game about these events?

In fact they need to make more Vietnam FPS games. All the ones that usually come out suck. Or maybe be more creative with the FPS genre, and not just focus on major wars.


Do I need to rephrase what I said and say the events surrounding September 11th? I didnt mean a game literally based on the plane crashes, I assumed that much was obvious.

Jesus Christ.


I’m going to have to second this.

The only way a 9/11 based game could work is if it were one chapter within a larger game. I can envision a game where the goal is to prevent terrorist attacks, or the start of a war campaign. Maybe failure at each step makes the outcome different. In other words stopping the terrorists early gets you the best result, if you’re not good enough to do so they take the planes, if you don’t stop the planes 1 or both may hit the buildings, and if they hit the buildings you have to play the roll of the NYPD and FDNY trying to rescue people. Perhaps whether or not the terrorists are successful depends on who you do and don’t go to war with.


I’m not all that interested in replaying the events of 9/11 in a virtual space. Plus it’ll be over faster than Portal.

We need to have FPS games about conflicts other than American ones. Let’s get some Russian FPS games or Pakistani FPS games in here. I already know the American perspective about history, time to move on.


blink…blink wh…wha? Who would be the enemy? The idiots who had the info and sat on it? Or would it be like that game where you had to go bullet-time and curve your shots to take out terrorists as you made your way through a plane?


I’ve heard of taking things literally…but damn…

The parts where our troops invade Iraq and Afghanistan. You know…thats like 8 whole years worth of war.

I’ll just take this L and go back to sleep. Im crazy and unpatriotic. Im making no sense. And this will never ever happen ever.


Oh and about Pearl Harbor vs. 9/11 I’m pretty sure that the impact was pretty much the exact same on the American psyche. I don’t play many war themed games so have there been many games based on historical events where you’re given the opportunity to rewrite history? I’m guessing that’s why there hasn’t been any Pearl Harbor themed video games.


Oh, I’ll be sure to alert the historians to call these 8 years of war, September 11th.


Well that 6 days in fallujah game got canned. It seems anything that happened in the past 30 years is way too soon for a vidyagaem.


I’ll second this as well. LOL @ “why isn’t everyone reading my mind?” No where in the title or OP does it mention the events due to the 9/11 attacks.

In that case I could a game being made completely about it because there’s more to work with. The biggest problem will be explaining in retrospect how the fuck we got from Afghanistan to Iraq. A lot of people had a hard time swallowing that pill when it was happening in real life over the course of weeks and months. How do you make a videogame where the transition will happen in the course of minutes and sell it to people who were too young to remember? (Hell… selling it to anyone old enough to remember for that matter). They’d have to make some omissions and additions to make the transition make some sense.