When will the Club Udon orders for SDCC Stuff ship?

Forgive me if this has already been answered, but does anyone know when the orders for the exclusive Street Fighter Ultimate Edition Hardcover, Sakura & Chun Li prints, Portfolios and so forth from San Diego Comic Con will ship to people who pre-ordered from Club UDON?

I didn’t get any kind of E-Mail or anything after sending payment via Paypal, so I’m just curious… :sweat:

All the SDCC stuff is in transit to be arriving here next week. Once we get the stuff in, we will start fulfilling the orders. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks MaxGoof for posting this, i was wondering the same thing

Thanks for replying Erik. I’m glad we atleast have a pretty much, definite date now :slight_smile:

So… it’s just about the end of the week.

Has Udon received these yet?

I’d appreciate an update from anybody at Udon. I’m not trying to be a pain, and I appreciate the amazing service of allowing these books to be ordered by non-attendees. I really just want to know how long it’ll be before items ship, since I had to pay the $150 up front for the items a month ago.

We got contacted by Canadian customs today finally regarding our SDCC shipment. Now we need to file the proper paper work with them and then we shall be getting the stuff if everything is cleared (I dont see why not… ). That means we shall hopefully get our stuff back Monday and unpack and ship stuff out next Tuesday or so.

woot. Just got my 2006 and 2005 SB in the mail. Awesome stuff by everyone. It was a little smaller and thinner than I expected.

I got the Sketchbook and #3 Limited Edition earlier today. Anyone get the Ultimate Edition books yet? Have they been shipped yet?

got confirmation today that my Ultimate Edition and Alvin Lee portfoilo 1 and 2 where shipped on the 22nd August. Ended up paying $64 USD for the shipping to Australia. Ouch!

What did you buy? anyway it WORTH it :smiley:

I got one of three packages today at work. Arg, why did it have to come today, on comic day and the same day I’m going to buy Ultimate Ghosts 'N Goblins and on a day it’s going to rain no less lol! Gonna open my package later today to see what goodies I got.

Got the sketch book and the TPB of issues 1-14 so far. The sketch book is really cool! More Naruto from Udon, ha ha! Some nice images too of the Atari game Studio Udon is going to work on, Warriors of Enkor coming in 2006. Neat! Like last year, plenty of SF drawings, some Marvel, some DC, and how you got Cap’n Crunch in their ha ha ha! There’s even a Nakaruru drawing in their - GO SNK/PLAYMORE! :clap: The TPB looks great, all inclusive, just about every color and even all the cheap shots! Very happy! Sadly I think the only thing I’m going to be able to take home today is the sketch book, it’s tough enough protecting this weeks comics, my PSP and Ultimate G&G from the rain oooh…

EDIT: The sun came out, yippee! :party:

Damn you man! You just spoiled the Naruto sketch thing for me! SFD said there’d be something I’d really, really like and now I am guessing that was it. Curse ye sano! Curse yeeee!

Well there’s more than one Naruto drawing in their for you to like heh heh heh… “Don’t dry with fakes or fears because you wirr hete sano in the end.” :rofl:

Looked at the Udon sketch book at a slower pace. Alvin Lee has some really great stuff in the first few pages! I won’t spoil it but it’s some very dream game type stuff and dream match type stuff. You’re gonna like it! :tup:

BAH! I’ll read this thread once I get my copy. I’ll still curse you, if you don’t mind.

Curse me all you want, I need some more E-Hate. :tup:

Since your not reading anyway, well, just to make sure anwyay spoiler regarding the sketchbook, highlight to view -----

Alvin Lee did a drawing called “Dreammatch” that had Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile and Vega(cape) with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern(Kyle) and Darkseid. Kick ass! He also did a drawing of an older Ryu with an older Sakura called “A Future 4 us All.” Nice nice NICE!

My portfolios and posters came in today at two different times so I got all my stuff. Thanks Udon! :bgrin:

The Ultimate Edition book came in earlier today. It’s awesome. Love the Street Fighter minis. Only thing missing now is the Akuma door poster.

My portfolio came in on Monday. I’m STILL waiting on my Sakura print and Hardcover. It’s gotta be soon, though, right…?