When will the location of Evo 2006 be revealed

As I have a friend in Las Vegas and somebody says there MIGHT be a chance it will be there again.

I don’t see how as I thought every year it changed but I am going 2 see him in April BUT if I found out it was in Las Vegas, then I would just see him in August and play Evo

I would think that its is rather early to even ask this.

it sohuld be in the LA convention center

Las Vegas 4 Teh Win

GVR again would be killer, but tis kinda expensive.

Have evo at my house

vegas was the shit. nuff said.

I agree since the dvd hasen’t come out yet:annoy:

They usually announce Evo around end March - end April. So just wait a little bit longer. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

vegas would be nice again but i wanna go somewhere i haven’t been to

HAs EVo even been outside of Cali? Will it even be on the East Coast, Like PHilly,Maryland, Ney Your Etc

ummm Evo is a WC major, therefore it would be on the WC. It was in Vegas last year.

Vegas is top tier. Vegas= 5 times more people willing to travel b/c of how fun Vegas is.

But without MLG, can Evo afford Vegas, that is the real question…

Would MLG have any crowd pictures without Evo/TS?

Don’t mistake convience for necessity.

Vegas is really attractive to people from outside of that area of the country because flying to Vegas is very very cheap.

I hope it’s in Cali this year. I remember last year there were some ideas of Evo being somewhere up north in the bay area (San francisco I think). That would be cool.

Hopefully Vegas because I just turned, or thanks to kugler’s theory, New York(a lot closer than Vegas).

What he said.

Although, I do like the idea of it being in SF…:rolleyes:

They always have crowd pictures.