When will the location of Evo 2006 be revealed

Have it in San Francisco.




Have it in Kugler’s basement. That goddamned room is like… Twice the size of my house.

The thing about San Francisco is that it would be would be really, really expensive.

and really really gay

Have it on the WC, not Vegas… it’s cheaper for people who want to come from overseas.

evolution around san francisco. not a bad idea.

hope is not that far from NY it will be my first evo tourny can’t wait :sweat:

ok, so we should give priority to foreigners in the largest american tournament?


playboy mansion plz

lol same here i would really like that and alot of friends who would luve that to but if its in lv again i would go i just hope its after the 7/29

Is that the green eye from the miniboss in MMX

plz. its all we ask. just this once…

wishful thinking can?

but hey its a nice idea :clap:

Amen :wink:

and hells yea it would be


  • that

Any updates on this? :wtf:

quals in Ny and LA. Pools(for people that don’t go to quals) + finals in Vegas.

Evo is going to be at Green Valley Ranch again. Source confimed. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!