When will the pre-order costumes be available for purchase?


I initially did not care about the costumes because the only way to get them for xbox was through pre-ordering from gamestop. I refuse to support that company. But after playing a bunch of sexy Decapres with exposed feet yesterday I wish I had. Like most people I am a sucker for some nice feet. Is it too late to get this costume? Does anyone know if it will be up for purchase on the xbox marketplace? If so when? I need this costume ASAP.


Probably with the next patch.
And thank you for your avatar. I pictured Daigo stating the first few sentences.


nobody wants to look exactly like the character. custom made colorways are the way to go!


word on the street is daigo is a feet fiend


They keep on pushing buying ultra disc from amazon on this evo stream. Has anyone done it? Do you get the Ultra costume code immediately? Do you think I could pre-order the ultra disc from amazon get the preorder costume code then cancel the pre-order?


I will so much appreciate that, there are so many characters that will look awesome with that…
But i will quickly start hate it when i will face 28574 all Black/Black+Red “badass” wannabe evil version of every fucking single character

Imho awesome potential but will end up shit online


The color customization thing in sfxt was one of the best parts in the game (coming from someone who enjoys that game.) It would be amazing if they added the same thing in to Ultra in the patch (that one that may or may not be real.)


Literally the only thing good about SFXT.