When will the rebalance be released?

Exactly when or there isn’t a “set date”?

no set date. but considering that they arent going to make any money from it, there will be no “financial strategy” dealing with fiscal years or whatever to cause a delay

assuming they dont have many changes to make after the loc test and it takes 2-3 weeks to wrap up development, and another 2-3 weeks to get the patch certified by microsoft/sony, i’d guess mid to late october

I’m hoping for a sept/oct release too but that is cutting it close if they are going to ACTUALLY take suggestion from the players at the location test. More than likely, the location test is just fan service, I’ll eat my own dick if they actually make any major changes after the location test IE. release another patch note.

keep in mind that they started development like 3 weeks ago. they arent wasting time with this

well sounds good. Ahh my beloved Juri and Cody, patience is rewarded to those who wait. And WHINE!

soon I hope as the game is boring in its current state, what with the S tier characters being picked over and over again

Didn’t they say the rebalance was suppose to come out for AE console edition but feedback from player made them scrap it at the last minute? That’s what I understood from Ono’s announcements during EVO. My guess they started working on the rebalance before AE console edition was announced but scarped it after announcement due to player (JP) feedback, not wanting to have two different version of AE out like what happened to SF4/SSF4.

dunno. i missed watching EVO when he was up. possibility tho. i was just going off the announcement that they made 2 weeks ago that they started development.

they could have been lying


The arcades will probably get it first so Japan has time to figure out which character we’re supposed to bitch about next.

I have the feeling that they started development MONTHS ago, but as usual with Capcom, when they say : “We will not do it” it means : “We think about it”, and when they say : “We think about it”, it means : “We’re already working on it”.

I predicted months ago that they would release a balance patch only after the Tougeki, I would say around October.

yep, i’m ready to drop dudley for the cody. Cody looking pretty good over there, gonna visit the cody boards soon lol.