When will the TPB of sf 7-14 is coming out?

when is it coming out???

I asked this question several times and haven’t got a answer yet…

The ISBN number I got from Walden Books is # 1932796258

Any info would be much appreciated.

Udoneko where are you !!! ?

I’ll all the book stores in my neighborhood and see what i can find out. I’ll let you know if anything turns up !

The last time i tryed to order it at Borders they said it didn’t exist.

second TPB came out???

SO has the second TPB came out??? I heard that it was going to have the Summer preview and the Cammy special from Game pro ( or was that the sagat one) I havent heard anything about it and whether or not they two specials are in it or not

Try reading the forum, this has been discussed many many times.

I saw it for sale on Amazon.com and a few otehr websites.
So I guess so, I was surprised to.

Goes to buy

Yeah we’re trying to figure it out…here:


The never ending search for TPB # 2

I called my local Barnes&Nobel and they told me the same story. That it was suppose to come out in March and that for some reason none of there Ware Houses have it. { Hero Fix dosen’t have it too BTW }

I ordered it { it’s back ordered } and they said they might get it in 2 - 6 weeks. Wish me luck.

Whne I checked Amazon they said a wait of 5-8 weeks

Finally got a confirmation from Devils Due: Next Wed. May 4th.


Oh, sweet thanks for the info Ill be sure to pick it up then.

so will it have the special stories in it or not

good question, I felt sort of gyped in that regard when I bought the first one

still dont see anything on if the game pro exclusive story or the summer special story or the cammy one either is in it

first I heard there was going to be two then I heard only one a while ago

now I cant get info at all on it

the tpb is going to be in stores next wed. it will have the newtype cammy story and the summer spc chun li story.

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thanks for the answer

are tehre any chances of all the backt stories beeing releasd in TPB format?

Thanks udoneko !