When you 'download from youtube' are you getting a slightly degraded version?

the user who submits the video has the original. they upload the original to youtube and a bit of quality is lost from the conversion. if you optimize settings before upload, you still lose a little bit of quality but not too noticeable. i think thats common knowledge right.

but when you download from youtube, using whatever downloader is the best, and saves it to flv mp4 or whatever is the highest you can get… will you lose a bit of quality from what you are seeing on youtube? ie. are directing downloading the video from the source code of that videos page? is any quality lost at all when you download the video from youtube basically

I don’t believe so. It wouldn’t really make sense for that to happen if it is in fact downloading it. The only way you’d lose quality is if it was just basically recording the video off the website rather than actually downloading it.

No. you are copying the exact data from youtube. There should be no loss in quality if you save as a .flv, if it converts to .mp4 or some other file container with god knows whatever format, then who knows what settings the converter uses. In theory there should be none, but it depends on what software and settings you use to convert from .flv.

Depends if your re-encoding it or not.

Sometimes the HQ or HD version will let you download the original file.

Some Youtube videos are Flash and some are H.264 so it’s hard to say.

But then again digital generations are no where near as bad as the old analog generations.

I would not worry to much as long as you grab the highest quality file you can get.

But yes there is some loss, with each render and transcode.

hm this is interesting stuff. the youtube downloader i use gives 2 options to save the video… flv (low quality it says and less MB) and mp4 (high quality it says and more MB.) is there one that gives me flv high quality, as in the original video on youtube?

Theres 100s of free downloaders on the net:


I think there is no loss of quality when you hit the HQ button, but I don’t think I’ve seen a downloader that saves the file in that version.