When You Want To Learn A New Char, What Do You Do?

I ask this question because I am trying to get my reflexes back into shape with the soon release of SSF4.

I can pretty much pick up the sticks on either Xbox 360 or PS3 with Sakura and get back into my groove when I play locally. However, since I do not have XBL lately…lets just say I haven’t been able to find consistently challenging competition.

I’ve been playing with Rose lately, which is the character I want to add to my arsenal, though I have the least amount of experience with her as compared to my other characters (Sakura, Dictator, Dhalsim…and many others).

I need to find Rose’s blockstring combos and all of the intricacies of knowing the ins and outs of your character.

What are some things that I can practice or read about with Rose in order to elevate my game with her while I wait for SSF4.

Oddly enough, the only new character I will be playing in Super is Dee Jay, and I have previous experience with him.

for me personally, i think i like to look at their frame data and see which moves have + on block so i’ll know which moves i can set up frame traps or keep pressure on the opponent with. unfortunately i dont tihnk rose has any of those lol so it will be harder to keep pressure on. also i like to see on the frame data which move is a 3 frame jab (since those are so important). also i like to look at forums and see what people consider are her best pokes and then look at frame data on those

i realized the best way to start learning a character is to just use their normals first, which you just learned about from the frame data, and play footsies to get used to the moves, probably losing a few games in the process. add in special moves as they become necessary, but don’t do it right off the bat so you can get used to the normals… learn a few basic combos afterwards and some blockstrings (but you gotta learn how to get in and pressure with the character first)

i think what’s important to look at is how to get knockdowns w/ the character and how to maintain momentum with a character after you knock them down, like what are their best options to mix your enemy up on wakeup. and of course important to look at what reversals you have on wakeup (again i think rose is lacking in this department). oh yeah and also very improtant is to practice that character’s anti air, so you aren’t free to the most damaging combos in the game.

I made a list for myself a while back… I don’t know if it’ll help you, but I refer to it here and there and it reminds me of things I forget about. Anything anyone could add would be appreciated too!

– what is my character all about?
---- what is the basis of my offense?
---- what is the basis of my defense?
---- what is my abusable shit?

– which normals make for generally effective pokes?
– what are my anti-airs?
– what are my cross-up options?
– how do my normals work together?
---- what links and what doesn’t?
---- how their ranges work together?

– what are my useful tick throws?

– what are the properties of my specials?
---- safe/unsafe?
---- anti-air applications?
– what is the deal with my EX moves?
---- what makes them different than their regular version?
---- when do I use them instead of their regular version?

– what are my bread and butters?
---- does this bnb work on every character?
---- are there useful variations of this bnb?
– what is my punish combo?
– cross-up combo?
– dizzy combo?
– focus crumple combo?

– if my attempt at bnb doesn’t work (initial hits blocked), where do I go from there?
---- what spacing does my blockstring leave me with, and what are my general options from there?
– useful frame traps?

Spacing setups:
– How do I safejump after each of my untechable knockdowns?
– How do I space my cross-ups after an untechable?
– What blockstrings will leave me at a general cross-up range?

I think there was a front page strat article about this sort of thing a while ago that had some things I would never actively think about when learning new chars, and that’s dealing with char-specific stuff. How does your char deal with akuma vortex? Rufus dive kicks/all three separate enders to messiah? Stuff like that if very important to learn once you get basics down so tough matchups aren’t immediately frustrating.
But that’s a good list ndr

Pretty much the same thing I did with my first character :confused:

thank NDRWPNDY great info in your post