When you're good at ST, you're also good at


Just realized that I was kinda good at table tennis :confused:
Well that doesn’t seem to have any link with ST ! But in fact, I can feel, I don’t really know why, that the two are connected.
I’m pretty sure there are other disciplines in which if you’re decent / good at ST (or maybe video game as well, but that would open the subject maybe a bit too much), you’re also good at this specific stuff.
No "I’m good at fcking" plz*
Share if all that makes any sense to you !


Im good at swimming, it has to be related to ST, also Im very good with maths :slight_smile:


I am not good at ST, and i suck at table tennis. You are on to something.


reaction times and ability to read your opponent’s intentions


I’m not good at ST but i’m good at:

I’m a MCP aka Microsoft Certified Professional
Web Design
Windows/Linux Server Farms Administration
Sharepoint Server 2010
Sharepoint Server farms Administration
Windows Sever 2003/2008/2008 R2
SQL Server Administration

I have these Microsoft Certifications:
70-667: Installing and Configuring Sharepoint Server 2010
70-668: Sharepoint 2010 Administrator

I’m want Microsoft certifications in these:
SQL Server 2008 R2(around 2 certfications)
SQL Server 2012

Sports and games:
I used to be a good Basketball player, my knees and ankle injuries ruined that.

I’m top tier in these games:
Uncharted Online games
Metal Gear Online games


I spend so much time playing ST that I suck at everything else in life.


I never played ST. Must explain why I have no talents


Okay, but what if you never touched the game? I’m really good with numbers, though.


soccer , basketball, mountain bike…one person video games, ST actually taking my time


i find it helps with my job as an editor


the fact I know is the more u play ST, the less u r attractive to women, cant imagine entablish a conversation to them about match ups, zoning or why Akuma is broken… :confused:

Another story would be if all the time applied to ST was used for body building :confused:


I’m shit at ST

Also shit at life


I’m good enough at ST and am also good at money handling, customer service, ok at dancing and good at 3rd Strike and not bad at UMVC3. LOL.


former USATT (table tennis) competitor and amateur bodybuilder checking in


please rename OP to “The Correlation = Causation Thread”


What the hell? I’m also an editor.

Being good at ST helps me with secretly wishing I could throw sonic booms in real life and then feeling embarassed.


giving noogies, eating spicy food, I’m also good at teleporting too, but not when I’m being attacked in the corner for some reason


Being good at ST corresponds directly with ones ability to be old.


For real though, I think I am a better rock paper scissors player than my friends because of fighting games.

FT10 only of course. Too much random factor in that FT3 casual shit.


Im good at spd’s irl