Whens the right time to throw demons?

I use blackheart i think hes exceptionaly good only if u know whens the right time to throw demons i try using bh on point(bh/cable/cap) and everytime i do they get bh down to low life then when i change for cable they wait till i assist wit him then atack him beeing that hes on low life wut shoudl i do?..

looks both ways for dasrik

well if your havbing problems with cable… that is supposed to happen. you cant let him catch you horizontally, if he does your not going to be real effective. throw demons when you jump and theyare still on the ground and all in all just be carefull not to throw demon at the wrong time and extra carefull with your assists, especcially capcom because he stays out there for a long time. if your playing bh/cable/capcom, then i suggest you change it to cable/bh/capcom when your fighting cables. for magnetos its better that you have bh on point so watch the teams line up more and keep with that team, its not a bad team but yo umay want to look into cable/sent/bh or bh/sent/capcom in the future they are better teams.

The general rule for anyone who can throw stuff downward is…

DON’T. Unless they’re blocking something (AAA, or a previous set of crap).

I swear, people would do so much better with BH if they focused on jump fierce instead of superjump roundhouse. Jump fierce is a lot safer to do and harder to punish.*

    • YES CABLE CAN PUNISH IT, but that’s another thing. Jump fierce is obviously not Cable safe, whereas superjump roundhouse has more of the ILLUSION of safety, but is just as unsafe.

Wow Nice advice, This is a really big general mistake i been making, i get so Demon happy cause my team depends on it… so most of the time cables just jump or sj gun me down. since my assist projectile i don’t got much to protect myself…

I’ve tried to reduce it to that if i’m in the air and cable’s in the air as well i’ll ether try to grab him or do nothing and just keep away.As for which is better fierce/roundhouse i think it really depends on who ur playing against. I use roundhouse more vs mag players, and fierce more againce sent users cause i don’t plan on calling out cable much to help me in the air, don’t like when he comes in with 1/5 hp cause he’s been hit with a fast fly combo from sent. :mad: . but on a totallly agreeable nature i say fierce are alot alot safer than roundhouse.

The biggest thing other Blackheart players do I have seen, is run a way. Contrary to popular beleife Black heart rushes down very well. It isnt so much a rush down as it is pushing them back to the corner as it were. You get a player in the corner with Blackheart…even using BH/Cable/Cap(My team), there isnt much even Cables can do. If you time f.k demons correctly off of the super jump, and know were to place them off the first set, then the second set off of the air dash - you can keep them pretty much locked down. Make sure you have more life than they do once you put them into this position, cause it will cause them to fight for there respective characters freedom. In that sense, they get caught by something nasty. i.e Infinant, or Capcom assist into Inferno/Heart of Darkness.

Now, how you ask do you rush that shit down with Blackheart? Especially against Capcom assist/Sent or Doom helpers? That my friends I leave up to you. The only way to get passed them is “YOUR” timing skills. You need to know when to air dash over behind cap’s corridor, and know how high you have to be when you air dash over Doom or Sent. But the keys for rushing it down once you can time getting over assists is this.

  1. Falling down, l.k, l.k.( Hit the ground ) crouch l.k, l.k /w cap helper
  2. If that Hits, take it from there whatever you wanna do.


  1. Falling down, l.k, l.k.( Hit the ground ) crouch l.k, l.k /w cap helper
  2. If they block, jump f.p demons, quick s.j backwards f.k demons.( This keeps your assist being punished if they pushblock even. )

You can also molest your cap helper while dashing backwards with BH, and immediatly go into inferno HOD afterward. Leaving CAP out for that brief second will usually bait a person to where you can punish them. Make sure not to use this strat when they have a couple meter though. Bad Idea.

Normal jump fp work really well in space control again storm, sent and mags too. The main thing you really should work on is double buttons. Utilizeing your assist buttons at the same time you press others you know?



My blackheart Strat is have Capcom and ICeman on the squad…then ur ok…lol…


Ahahaha, then again. The Dr. know’s best…-nod nod-

-Dizznurty:cool: :lol:

Some BH team Strats:

I would definately have to agree with Dirty; BH can be, when used correctly, a very good rusher and can easily can push someone back into the corner with well placed demons and an assist or two. My main team is Cable/I(Iron, not Ice)M:mad:/Sent, but sometimes I play BH/Cable/IM. If you EVER have BH on your team, ALWAYS have him start off, IMO. He doesn’t rely on supers much at all, which lets you fill up for Cable, and like is said earlier, the right assists fill in basically all the holes he has. As for assists, I always give Cable AA, IM Proj, and BH ground. It gives you a full zoning coverage of the screen so no matter who you are, you always have a partner who can cover the other parts of the screen. Also, my main strat. when playing with BH, is to push the opponent back into the corner. This can be easily achieved in a few ways:

  1. Send some c. or s. demons to cover the ground. Pull out Cable’s or another’s AA assist to cover the air just in case the person decides to jump in, over the demons. Dash in to get closer. (The demons you threw will cover you ascension from the ground if they didn’t jump over them) Repeat
    Or, My fav. way:
  2. Call out IM’s assist. Since it covers a good mid-sized area and lasts for more than a second, you can just dash in while he’s covering you.

Once you have your opponent in the corner, UNLEASH HELL! No, literally. Rain standing HK demons until armogeddon! (sorry, another bad pun) :smiley: Have your proj. assist(IM) constantly out and time it while kicking up demons to create and endless barrage. Usually your opponent will block. Even if you don’t use an assist, the HK demons create such a lag on your opponent when they block that you can just keep sending’em without your rival being able to unblock. They will probly try to get out after a while, so be prepared. But if they do get caught in one of the demon packs, OH MAN ARE THEY SCREWED!! Immediately, since the demons don’t last long, either do Heart of Darkness(with or with out the Inferno before it), or Call out Cable’s AA assist, Armogeddon! Or, if you want to rack’up some more damage: Cable assist, lp, mp, Armogeddon.

There are some more possibilities, but these are the ones wich I have found to be most useful. Create your own: BlackHeart is a very vercital character. I think Dr.B does have something going with CapComm IceMan. Oh BTW, Dirty, I would like to chat with you sometime. I consider myself a BlackHeart master as well, but I’ve never really seen anyone else seriously use him. Looking forward to hear from yah! :cool: