Where am I going wrong?

Hey all, first off I’d like to say thank you to trag and LordofUltima for their threads as they helped me very well and were very well written. Right, so I’ve probably invested about 30 hours into Akuma in the lab, I can do all of his combo’s pretty much, learnt a bunch of setups, got my head around the vortex, can hit the BnB -> Sweet consistently, but I thought I’d learnt him inside out, so I took him in game and I fucking suck! I can’t even get a hit on the opponent, it’s like WTF? It might be the fact I keep bumping into people with like 4k PP but honestly, I should be at least hitting them. The amount of times I’ve been perfected is unreal, in the last two days I’ve probably been perfected more than I had in the last 7-8 months I’ve been playing SF. I need some tips or someone to help me maybe? I can do everything with Akuma, but I suck in a match, I just can’t get my head around that. Anyone willing to give me a hand? Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

If you’re in Europe we can have some matches to see what you’re doing wrong.

Btw, being able to do combos in training mode doesn’t mean anything if you cannot do them in a real match…getting good with akuma is a matter of several hundreds of hours, it’s pretty normal that you’re getting beasted after 30 hours of training mode only.

Strip your game back to basics and play him essentially like a safe Ryu. After you’ve developed a familiarity for his handling and normals, start working some of his more advanced trickery into your game.

You can’t afford to make mistakes with Akuma and many folks when starting out with him tend to get a bit reckless and don’t respect his fragile nature as much as they perhaps should. Getting good with Akuma is very difficult - losing (a lot) is part of the process unfortunately.

Perhaps try a defensive (but not run-away) style and see what kind of mileage you get from that. Oh and punish everything. Akuma’s basic punishers net upwards of 300 damage which is particularly nasty in itself.

Thanks a lot. Superlollo I might give you an add now if that’s ok, hopefully the connection from UK to Italy won’t be so bad but Virgin is such a bag of shit I wouldn’t be surprised if it was bad, but let’s give it a try.

Also Gamogo, I know what you mean. I think what I’m doing is being TOO offensive (if that’s possible with Akuma? :D) and I think I need to slow things down. I’m always trying too hard for that UTKD and I think that’s my downfall. Anyhow, hopefully after some more practice now I’ll improve a bit. Anyone else willing to give me some games hit me up, I’m trying to build my friends list with good SF players :slight_smile:

Also, @Superlollo, I can do the combos in game no problem, it’s just creating an opening for them, I just can’t get that all important opening. I think that’s where I need help, hopefully you can tell me where I’m going wrong when we play… :slight_smile:

It’s very possible and likely.

If you’re running in there trying to sHK, Demonflip or Air Hadoken trap them without setting it up then you will lose. It’s just going to happen. Relentless rushdown with Akuma comes from two points and two points only. Practice and respect of your Akuma.

:confused: That’s kinda me right now summed up. I don’t try to demonflip -> flip but kick often. It’s just I have trouble with that UTKD. I’ve been losing like crazy today, especially to mashers. Is this what I should get used to as life with Akuma for the next 6-7 months? :’(

I wouldn’t say so, no… Though myself, it did take me quite some time to be just “medium-scrubby” (my current level). I know exactly what you mean about getting that all important “in” to start your combos as that was my problem at first too. The biggest hump to get over when playing Akuma is working up the balls to actually get in there and get dirty… But then I watched Rugioh’s “Footsies” videos on youtube and things started to take better shape for me. I started to manage my space from the opponent much better, creating possibilities for getting in for that combo or knockdown.

I used to dread matchups against Ryu, Guile, Rog and Dictator. Now, it’s not so bad; even though I don’t always win those matches, I know I can hold my own against them.

Against “mashers”, you just have to learn patience. I know you’re eager to score that sweep to start your vortex, but if you learn to hold off a bit, you’ll earn much better opportunities for combos to punish their mashed reversals. Then, once you have a comfortable life lead, you can start baiting all kinds of stupid shit from them to end the matches and start racking up some wins!! :wink:

Yeah haha, I think I’m doing alright these days. I think it’s still gonna take me a while to get that cross tatsu on point 100%, I always do it too early and it’s so freaking annoying! One thing I wanted to ask. I’ve spent all this time in Training Mode learning the wake up timing etc, but one you get a knockdown that CAN be tech’d and you are expecting it to be tech’d but they don’t, what do you do? Because numerous times I have done a demon flip expecting them to wake up but they don’t and I’m kicking thin air.
How do you react to this?

You have enough time to react after demon flip to do kick or palm if they wake up early or later. When they don’t wake up I do palm and try quickly set up something new, like >MP overhead, LK demon flip, or just do nothing.
Don’t overdo crossup tatsu, I learned it the hard way.

For combos practice hit comforming, I lost many matches because i got a few LPs and couldn’t finish it stronger.

I have been also in a very bad period lately, loosing like 80% of matches, but I’m recovering, tonight I was very good. You just have to lose to be able to learn something. Sometimes I tend to blindly rush on opponent. Akuma is very fragile, you can’t afford many mistakes. Also, don’t get into habit to turtle spamming all kinds of fireballs. It can be good sometimes, but you can be punished really hard. Again, I learned it the hard way.
Practice hit comforming

I also have dread matchups against Ryu, Guille, Balrog and Bison. They can dish good damage in a few hits and for Akuma that is lethal. Also, Blanka is a nightmare for me. Actually, I don’t remember I have ever beaten Blanka.

Well, there’s always part of ShinAkuma204’s setup against Ryu where after a regular knockdown, he goes for the HK DF dive kick. If the opponent wakes up early, they have to deal with the dive kick (either block or get hit by it). If they don’t tech the knockdown, then you can immediately go for a “quick” air fireball (not TK’d).

A while back, I had over 5000BP and 2000PP. Then I lost like 3000BP/1000PP within a month. I’ve slowly made my way back to where now, I’m at 4800BP and 1600PP. But it’s taken me almost 3 months to make my slow way back. Heck, if I can, I’m sure you can too.

To be honest, all you’re lacking is experience. You simply need to grind away at the game in player matches to get a understanding of other players mindsets and the complexion of matches.

Don’t get discouraged, just keep playing and you will come to understand the game better. This is the key, because even though I could tell you what you did wrong it is better for you to understand why it was wrong through experience.

Fighting games are like a sport. People can tell you this and that about how to get things done, but only through practice and repetition will you understand for yourself what it really means and how to apply it.

Yeah, I think Shin has a point. Experience counts because Training Mode allows you to combo etc. without the added pressure of an opponent. But your not being able to hit your opponents and getting perfected boggles the mind given your skillset. I hardly even land/use the tatsu-sweep because no matter how often I practice/try, it is nearly impossible for me yet I can hold my own against most if not all players. Plus I rarely get “perfected” though it does happen.

And Gamogo has a point. Try playing a defensive/run away Akuma at first until you are more comfortable or work out your in-game matches. Heck! I did for the longest time until I got a bit better. I am sure a lot of Akuma started out this way simply because Akuma cannot afford the health to try and brawl.

Sidenote: Venom, sometimes I just cringe at your PP and BP … hehehe. Yeah, I could vastly improve my skillsets but I’m over 2000 PP and 7000 BP - could be more but sometimes I gamble on trying new stuff I see etc. and lose those matches. Just saying cause I’ve seen some of your videos. You’re not that bad, compared to me anyways yet your points overall are misleading. Oh wells.

Well yeah, I just don’t wanna get caught into the “Let’s run away and jump-back fireball all day” because being on the receiving end of that is EXTREMELY frustrating and the biggest bullshit ever. I kind of know what you mean about experience. It’s really not helping that I keep running into character’s like Adon and Vega who are just so annoying, especially Vega’s cr.lp/mp (I don’t even know what it is but it’s stupidly frustrating) but yeah, I’m HOPING experience will lead me there.

@gyrosphere09 I can hit the tatsu to sweep online when I go for it, but for now I always go for the shoryu because chances are, I’m gonna lose, haha.

@ShinAkuma sometimes its hard NOT to get disheartened. I was thinking to myself is it really worth learning Akuma, because I really can’t be bothered putting up with a good month or two losing, because that’s just annoying. I lost close to 45 matches in a row on Friday and seriously, you do not know how frustrated I was getting. The people I were losing to were so shit, but I have to think of it as I’m even shitter which makes its so annoying lol, any other character I can use and I would have bodied them every other day of the week. Oh well, I’m gonna try and stick at it hopefully and I’ll get somewhere with him. I got a semi-vortex going one game and I actually won which was quite nice. I might record it and stick it in the Critique my Akuma thread, it’s not a bad fight.


It sounds like your expectations are a bit high of yourself or Akuma. No one, especially just starting out, regardless of how much practice/training hours they have put in should expect immediate results. Akuma is a character with a huge learning curve, regardless of others’ opinions - especially non-Akuma players, so no one should expect to be playing like Tokido, Infiltration, etc. on day one or day one hundred for that matter. IMHO, Akuma is a character where one will reap the rewards once you have stuck with him through thick and thin to eventually master most if not all of his toolsets. And trust me, one will need most if not all of Akuma’s toolsets to play competitively=win. If you are disheartened then perhaps you may want to try a different character that is more suitable to your liking - win factor. For example, I use to play this guy online who started with Akuma and I would beat him 99.99%. Eventually he gave up on Akuma and started playing Gen. He’s better using Gen and my wins against his Gen is only 70-80%. (On a personal note, I solely played Akuma since Vanilla and have now only been somewhat comfortable/successful with him against all opponents. I use to cringe until I got better playing against Ryu, Ken, Dictator, Balrog, Cammy, and Blanka. Now, I’ll battle it out no sweat with more wins than loses unlike before.)

Again, if you truly want to play Akuma then you will have to tough it out until you get better, get more experience, or learn all the matchups. Otherwise, it might not be a bad idea to try a different character.

Also, Vega is a much easier opponent than Adon IMHO.

I kinda know what you mean. I think when I posted that I was just a bit salty from my 40+ loss streak. It’s hard going from winning almost all the games you play (I used to main Rog) to losing almost every single one. I’m the type of guy that wants to win in whatever he does, and that’s my downfall sometimes. Anyway, thanks a lot for your advice. I’ve been having a bit more successful recently and have got a few nice setups down. Thanks a lot for all your input also. :slight_smile:

Im in the same spot and struggle like Faz. I used to play Akuma in a very aggressive way ( I like to play in every game the aggressive part) but it was only fail on my side, because i did mistakes, like jump in and cr.HK all the day, no hitconfirming only try to get out your BnB Combo. So I moved to the turtle mode, from the turtle mode to a hit and run (go in, do your BnB go out) and now Ive got the confidence to start up my fireball pressure, go in and stay in, but I’m still waiting for the opponent to make the mistake. Paciente is very important for me (with Akuma) I learned it the hard way :smiley:

Then I tried to play some days only normals without ending it with the tatsu > sweep or tatsu > dp, it stepped my game on whole new level (its still kinda low :D), because now I’m hitconfirming and get my tatsu into sweep or into dp 80% of the time. Try to play some days/matches only normals, play footsies. get your normals done. It was annoying, because I pressured my opponents so hard, I had so much fun with it.

Ive got some friends I play with every weekend. On the first sessions they won 8 out of 10 matches vs me, I was so salty all the time( Honda, Ryu, Bison and Balrog players). But yesterday I was on such a high level, I think, that I’ve won 6/7 out of 10 matches vs all of them. The Honda gets me into struggle, it was something like 5/5.

What my intention is, if you stick with Akuma, you’ll get the reward for sure. I thought many times to switch mains, but when I’m in the charakter select window, Akuma smiles to me and I cant pick any other charakter :slight_smile:
He is style pure, when you get all your combos, do your mixups and your opponent just doesnt know where you come from, what will happen, it’s such a nice feeling.
He is a beast!

But I’ve got a question too.

Taking my game to a new step, how importand it is to learn the frame datas?
Do I need to know all hitboxes or Akumas at first, to know how and when they get up? I’m still a noob, is’nt that at first too much to beginn with?

Hey Picture if you’re on XBL and have a pretty stable connection in the USA or you are from Europe hit me up and we can play maybe. I need someone around the same skill level as me. I play with a few friends who are above 10-11k BP and pretty awesome and I’m constantly getting bodied lol, but it’s kinda funny when I pull out that one random victory. Right now my enemies are: Cammy, Vega, Gen, Seth, Guile, Chun-Li and Dhalsim. I can’t deal with them whatsoever lol. Anyway give me an add if you are up for some games, I’m usually on for a fair amount of time.

Yo Faz.
Im from Europe, Germany, NRW(if your from Germany too:) ). Where you live at? I only have PSN.

Yesterday we had an offline meeting point, we played (20-30 people) some casuals and a tourny… Well, I sucked so hard, that my thoughts to switch my main came once more. HELP :smiley: Got rolled by Cammy, Vega and Bison. The Vega guy said, that my akuma is pretty ugly to play against :slight_smile: But the main reason, why I got rolled is, that I dont know every MU that good and how to punish a spinal arrow, that i blocked. Now I know^^
Its pretty hard to play against people, that now how to punish you for every mistake, this is something I need to practice, punish.

How I could improve to punish unsave or maybe save stuff? A good thing is the OS lk,lp if the lp hits, I can start cr.lp, cr.mp into tatsu, but in most of the time the cr.mp whiffs or the tatsu(because of crouching).

Well a thing I learnt from a friend is that if you are any bit unsure that the tatsu won’t hit, go for the EX tatsu or hk.tatsu if they are standing, also a fireball (EX?) would do too, I do that sometimes. I’m not from Germany, I’m from the UK and I’m on XBL which is unfortunate.

Surely you could punish a blocked spiral arrow with a cr.hk, if not st.hp, tatsu, srk/cr.rh? I’m not sure though, maybe someone else could contribute?

Good luck with your Akuma btw, I’ve been improving a bit recently and it’s really visible. I had a few games with another member on here yesterday (superlollo) and I learnt a thing or two from him, his Akuma is badass. Anyhow, good luck :slight_smile: