Where are all of the real combos?


I keep seeing small 10-20 hit combos oncharacter discussion threads. But those are cake. Where can I find the real combos? The one’s that almost (or completely) kill a single character, only to have a readied mixup for the next character who is immediately wrapped in a huge combo again. I see them used all the time, but never see them talked about. Besides watching them on youtube, where can I find some?


Not here.


Those are all team specific, not character specific. You have to know and understand what your character can do solo before you really get an idea of how to extend things with assists/DHCs/TACs.There are way too many team combinations for all of them to be covered.


So is it something I have to learn on my own 100%? Or is there somewhere I could go to give me a little help?


Try asking in the Team Building threads in your character’s sub-board, After they hit you with some ideas, hop on training mode.

In the end, you’re still gonna have to lab your way through.


Unless it’s an extremely common combination (like say, Zero with one of the Sparda Brothers), you’ll likely have to experiment yourself. At any rate, at least ask depending on what your team is.


Those long combos you want are team-specific combos and are made by experimenting a lot with your team’s assists and integrating them with your combos.


gotta find those yourself.


Using Weskers assist makes ur combos longer and helps u kill them


Yeah just pick Dorm and abcs bbcs call wesker bcs bbcs otg special super they did

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Look for match videos of recent tournaments and copy their combos. It’ll give you a helpful push when you need to figure out how to work your assists into your own combos.