Where are all the HDREMIX players?

I can’t seem to find games anymore? Has everyone jumped over to sf4? It is shame this game is getting the shaft now. Not that sf4 is not good but, I was hoping there would be a decent sized player pool still sticking with HDR.

can’t find anyone either… not like I could connect to them anyways lol

Look in the HDR good games thread, there’s plenty of people there too smart to play a shitty game llike street fighter 4 online

:crybaby: I thought we were buddies Syxx?! How could you!

Edit: In all seriousness though, I was sad when I played HDR with some friends last week and realized how TERRIBLY rusty I am now. :shake:

The problem with HDR is that the PSN version is awful.

I played around 50 matches today and experienced constant disconnects. I have a dedicated wired connection specifically for my PS3 (and 360) that I use and the game still gave me tons of errors today including signing me out of the PSN multiple times.

I have 100s of hours of Metal Gear Online with minimal problems. The HDR players are still there, it’s Capcom making the PSN version awful that keeps people from connecting with each other.