Where are all the p2p matches

I recently got nfba running for p2p and I can’t find anyone to play. I. Check waiting games there are like 2 and none are 3s. So I loges on to the MIRC channel for srk and its empty. Where and how do I find matches for p2p 3s on nfba?

You download supraclient kaillera. Go into godsweapon, make a game, when they join a game, ask if they have p2p. Most people usually do. If you don’t know what supraclient is, there are threads all over this forum that will help you.

I’m in gods weapon all the time and I rarely see p2p. So if I understand you correctly I need the regular kaillera dll and the supraclient dll can I have them both in my mame directory at the same time? I I’m in the gods weapon lobby how do I switch to p2p?

#srkkaillera on efnet.
Are you sure you are connecting to the right irc server? right now there are 47 people in #srkkaillera.


Wrong channel, buddy.