Where are all the players?

im in san diego california, and i wanna find some arcades where people still play

Hmmm they should really make a subsection dedicated to different regions so we could make regional threads…and put it at the bottom of the main page too!
Man that would be so neat.

Dude, we so need one of those.

that’d be great.

Walks in thinking jetquick is talking about “where tha playas at?”

walks out when he finds out hes actually talking about arcade players

man, this is GD. no one plays street fighter here.

Why would you come to this website for something like that?!


Dude…you joined in January 2008.
You had 8 months to figure out that there are different regional matchmaking subforums in this community.

yeah, but i joined forever ago and forgot, i mean, i dont even lurk the forums all too much

but anyways…someone posted a link to pacific south…and i think i have my foot in my mouth about starting the thread, anyways…thanks for help

Stop being assholes and just direct him to it.

I did in the first reply. Though sarcastically I said the bottom of the main page.