Where are our PATCHES and DLC?


It’s been a couple of days now since SFxT’s PC release. Does anybody have any idea of when PC Patches and DLC are coming out. Personally, I thought two months would be more than enough time to port everything from console to PC. THEY WERE ABLE TO TAKE OUT LOCKED DLC AFTER ALL!!!


unless it’s potentially hurting sales (like the DLC omission) i don’t think it’s too high on their priority list at the moment.


Well word should get around that it’s unplayable with all the lag teleports and missing soundeffects in online matches.
Sounds to me if this could pretty much hurt the sales.


if you’re playing online that means they already have your money…if it’s anything like the console release i wouldn’t hold my breath.


You should be happy. I’d give up quite a bit to have that netcode back.


well my money. it’s not like everybody is hyped and bought the pc version on the release date.
and besides that… I don’t heard from the initial version of the console port that it has constant lag teleports all over the place.
trust me, you wouldn’t wanna trade anything for this kinda online experience.


you honestly should be glad there is even a PC version >_>’

if you blow up enough threads on the unity boards you’ll get a response…lolz those poor souls.


Rook, even though I agree threads like this should be insta-locked (some PC players seriously need a dosage of patience (yes, I’m looking at you, OP), or common sense (Modding thread)), don’t tell me we should be content with what was sold to us. The game is almost unplayable online (yes online, that which most PC players care about), the lag is worse than it was on consoles. It’s skipping/rolling back like half the frames altogether, for whole rounds or even matches. Were it not for the offline features and the premise of fixing the issues later on, it’d be a better deal to sell bags of salt signed by the boardroom of Capcom higher-ups.


Next balance patch is May 19.


Do you mind including a source? Is that for all versions of the game or just the consoles? Is it a just a balance patch? Does it include a fix for the online system?




I’ll write here. For “Street Fighter IV” and “Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition” on from our site has been made “Unlocker” all closed the game. When there is a similar to “Street Fighter X Tekken”?


honestly i thought it was people bitching because their PC wasn’t up to spec or they were downloading porn or something o_O but playing it for myself…>_>’ dat shit is rough…

I can’t play that shit online…and I play KOFXIII online…Can capcom Fix this? Maybe…I’m I going to hold my breath? No…I didn’t want to come off as Anti-PC douche like most people think o_O I just don’t like the unity fags(no offense to those who are) who believe that they have a superior version of the same game…thats all.

Anyways sorry to seem like i was dissing the PC community~ I actually like you guys because you do some crazy and inventive stuff…SFIV Vanilla mods were the greatest~


I actually had a horrible time on AE online and could never figure out what the issue was. :frowning:

Hopefully they patch this ASAP though. I don’t have SFxT on PC just yet but it sucks that PC players have to deal with that.


Yeah, I’d like to be able to play online, right now I only play on PC when I want to practice combos and watch TV.


The PC version has horrible problems online. Just saying.


Other than the sound mine has been good online(but the first day was bad), I just mute it and play music or whatever.

I also did a HD defrag which seemed to help.


Whats HD defrag?


Hard drive defragmentation, right click your C drive, properties, tools tab, defragment now button.

It organizes your files on disk so they can be accessed more quickly, its good to do this more often when you get a new game since its big and there are lots of files to be accessed.


PATCH IS ON THE WAY (as if there was any doubt)