Where are people getting the gif to preview their fightstick design?

So I’ve been lurking for a while and I was wondering what thing people are using to make the gifs that show the design that they made and what it would look like on a fightstick. I’ve also noticed that they were able to change the actual colors of the stick itself in some of the gifs I’ve seen. Where can I get that so I can preview my design?

First post.

I didn’t see it there before. I’m looking at it again, but I’m not really sure where it is or what I’m looking for. If it’s the Mockup Template thing in the second post, the links broken.


Both of the sendspace links work.

Aha! I found it thanks.
A slightly related question though, when I try to load the action “Have it ready,” all I get is a white background so when I do the next action “Paste & Transform,” I’ll just get a gigantic white rectangle instead of the cut and resized art. What am I doing wrong?