Where are San Diego, San Franciso, Hollywood Arcades

I’ll be in San Diego, San Francisco and Hollywood for 2weeks and want to know where you guys have SF4 and SSF4:AE Cabinets? Let me know I’ll be there 5/27 - 6/12

Hours of Operation:
Phone Number:

Thanks ahead of time!

All I found was nickel city in San Diego. But they only have SF3S

When you get to Hollywood you’ll be 30 minutes away from FFA (Family Fun Arcade) in Granada Hills 10363 Balboa Blvd 91344, 818 360 0419. We currently run 8 (eight) , yes 8 SSIV AE cabinets ,all networked at .50 per play . Some use Sanwa sticks and some American ,Happ sticks 32" and 42" LCD screens and 27" VGA CRT’s .There is always good competition especially nights (til 2:00am Sun thru Thurs til 4:00am Fri/Sat. You can find more details at FFA United .com or on our threads. You can see more about this and our other location (Japan Arcade in Little Tokyo). Come on by.

Just left Hollywood yesterday. In San Diego until Wed then San Francisco. But I’m coming back to so Cal next week will try to come through(will be 2hr drive). Ty for the info

San Diego does not have any good arcades.

I think there’s an AE machine in San Fran though.


Name, location, phone, hours of operation? Ty

I know there is a new Arcade in downtown SF that just opened up but I don’t know the name of it. Both Milpitas Golf Land (40-50 minutes away from SF) and Sunnyvale Golfland (30 minutes from SF) have AE. I suggest you check the Pacific North forums for location details.

Thx bro, I can find the rest with the names.

GGs to all this afternoon. Glad I got to play AE before it comes out on console and any SF4 in the arcade period. I had the Dhalsim U1/UII & Zangief UII. I beat the Rufus w/the 11win streak then had a 3 win streak of my own and had to go @ Milipitas, CA: Golfland

Back in San Diego for a few days, and had some downtime at the hotel to upload the videos from the SSF4:AE session, no vids of Me playing that Rufus or matches thereafter either:

ya sorry dude we got no arcades here in san diego anymore that have any games lol

hey i am also looking for an arcade during my stay there. ill be somewhere around mira mesa/escondido. I might go to hollywood but im not sure. please let me know of there are any arcades around this area that has AE! thanks (heading out on the 25th!)