Where are the Elena 3S videos?



Anyone know where to find vids of Elena? Maybe some with the great Japanese players?


Very few people in japan use Elena. VERY few people. Her trouble is she plays like some of the other characters in the game, but lacks anything game breaking. She’s a decent character in her own right, but she can’t exactly offer anything overly unique to the table. She’s got decent pokes, but not the combo potential. Her only decent combo involves blowin’ quite a bit of EX. Don’t get me wrong. I love Elena (mostly because I do Capoeira), and she can be an evil, evil opponent. On high levels, she kinda’ falls apart, though. If you wanna’ see her played like a badass, though, check out some of combofiend’s matches. denjinvideo.com has some combofiend. He’s probably the most wicket elena player i’ve seen in vids. The japanese don’t play her as stylin’ as combo. =D


http://www.denjinvideo.com just put up a bunch of combofiend vids…


Thanks for the links to those Elena videos!:slight_smile: Seeing that makes me realise how bad I really am.

And your right vapulus, Elena is my fav SF character but game wise she is not one I would ever use in a tournament. In the vids I like the way combofiend dash’s in to deal out damage. I’m more of a jump in and out kind of guy.


He does that because elena’s dash + kara throw becomes your best friend. It’s one of the few things she can abuse. Her dash is damn near perfect. Playing makoto, I sometimes feel like I dash further than i want, and I constantly have to worry about spacing. Elena’s just always seems to take me where i wanna’ go…and that magical place is throwland. Oh, what a beautiful land it is.

edit: okay, so maybe the word “abuse” is a little too strong. Definitely not abuseable. It IS damn good, though…as part of a decent mixup game. :wink:


Be mindful of his style. Combo plays a certain way because he’s found a simple method to dishing it out. He quite literally doesn’t do anything fancy, so a lot of his damage comes from throws or back roundhouse, and confusion among the two. Whenever he sees someone walk back or block high, it’s c.short super. He’s proven that in order to win matches, you don’t need more than a couple moves at your disposal, because the back roundhouse really is that good, and brave dance deals quite a bit of damage.

Also bear in mind that elena has plenty of high and low mixups, and basically any single move at point black range puts you within a step’s distance of kara throw range. She’s not necessarily a static character; you can play her any way you choose.

She’s not bad, I think if ryu or alex can place in a tournament then so can elena.


This is kinda off-topic but I dont want to make a new thread.

What is Elena’s official 2 player color in 3S?


ARE THERE official 2-player colors?

And yeah, ClosetRemy, I’ve always admired combo for his style. It seems to have a flair all its own. He throws like mad and capitalizes on c.strong when he can. He basically plays her like a damage machine. It’s awesome. =) I just appreciate any player that picks a rather ignored characters and gets some consistent wins on high levels of play. Elena can definitely compete. She just plays fairly similarly to some of the other characters, and it’s so easy to win with Ken, so people whip out their magical shipuu for tournaments. =P Oh well, can’t really blame people for wanting wins in tournaments. =)


Check out the SBO1 semifinals + finals vid, for one match you get to witness THE best Elena I have ever seen. He just barely loses his match, though. =(

There’s another vid or two of him out there, I think. shrug