Where are the good ol' stick worklogs of yesterday?

Sorry but I suck searching :frowning: Tried my best

Who remembers the old stick making worklogs, from the pros? Like, Per from Aki, Kaytrim customs, Timoe/TMO/Norris Arcade sticks, Im a Panda, etc???

If you guys seem to have these bookmarked, could you please post these links here for future reference??

Thanks in advance!


So far I’ve been able to find these:

http://shoryuken.com/f177/first-stick-worklog-150142/index5.html (pics not working)

There are still pro’s doing worklog’s i found one at like page 2 or 3, You’re saying ‘‘who remembers’’ like there gone or something

Because I’m talking about the very first logs… By people like TMO, or Kaytrim´s customs…