Where are the good players?

look me up on kaillera or zbattle

my main game is hyper fighting, but i’m down to play almost anything

why are there so many n00bs out there??

What name/nick do you go under on Zbattle and/or Kaillera? Once in a blue moon I’ll play HF, but you’ll definitely find me hosting on SSF2(Zbattle)…look for the nick: DGV

Hey man, let’s get some games in again soon. Whats the score 35-1 or something like that? lol

I need to get much better even if it means going 100-0. GG’s for all those fiights we’ve had thus far.


I’ll challenge anyone to Hyper Fighting. I’m ok at super, but I prefer HF. Decoy, lets set up some matches so you say you are good with Guile huh…well then its time to put your Guile to the test. I’ve played against DGV and Vintage, JSJ. Those so far are the only good players on zbattle that I’ve played, besides that asshole Atmos.

My bro and I use the nick: Battosai.

Jump :hp: Stand :hp: then :lk: Blade Kick.


I don’t play on ZBattle too much (prefer the arcade versions of gmaes over the SNES ports) but I go on kaillera somewhat often.

I’m usually in IDGames or one of the Unkwown Servors that holds 50 people, they are popular ones. When I’m on I’m usually looking for CE, HF, or ST matches. I go by the name immortal on there.

I play a bit of MvC and SFA3 on Kaillera but not with MAME (I dunno why, I just can’t stand it), I play on Kawaks. I like the interface on Kawaks a lot more than on MAME.

Varleran’s my name anywhere and everywhere, I’m around in quite a few places, to name a few:

Aliens vs. Predator 2

More often on zbattle you’ll find me playin Tetris Attack or Bust-A-Move rather than any Street Fighters (why play the ports when perfect arcade versions are readily available?), and on Kaillera I’m usually around that one Unkn0wn Serv0r that holds like 50 people or “Old School Fun.” I don’t pretend to be GOOD at any Street Fighters, although I can make for a pretty mean A-Charlie once in a while in Alpha 3, but I AM pretty good at Bust-A-Move.

Why? Simple. It’s called Old Skool Comp. Something that is just about as scarce as a Red Sox’s World Series. Since there is a relative abundance of good old skool comp on zbattle, most of us choose to play on it as opposed to Kalliera which has insane lags & noobs (if you do 2 dps in succession on Kalliera they think you’re using hotkeys). I will gladly take a fairly accurate port with no lag & competition, over a perfect port with lag.

Heh, I don’t think its a fairly accurate port either. I also don’t see the abundance of Old Skool Comp. Whenever I was in there nobody ever played anything. It was fun playing you and your bro DGV, but that was it. Darth Ryu was a fun guy to play too. I played maybe like 5 people overall in a lot of time. Man screw net play. If I really need to play I can always find someone to play in real life. I’m more interested in A3 anyway. If I can’t play games in arcades fuck it, then I just won’t play fighting games anymore. Either netplay is going to catch up to arcades and have arcade perfect lag free ports, or 2d fighters can just die and fade into nothingness.

As it is, I have an easier time getting games on kaillera. You never sign onto AIM and I gave up on zsnes. Nobody ever plays on Znet. Whereas for kaillera, I can hit up and convince several good players to play if I really want to play badly, or I can go and meet up with them in real life and get COMPLETELY lag free games with perfect ports on sticks.

Did you guys go to Evo btw? You were telling me you had the custom made snes pads and everything ready to go. If you guys went, how’d you do?

Yo, i’m up for some matches with you guys… if ya wanna beat on a random scrub trying to improve his game, i’m up for it :stuck_out_tongue: