Where are the korean fighters?

not talking about players but in-game characters

yeah so theres like tons of japanese and chinese martial artist characters…
i can only think of hwoarang, seong mina, and juri (and shin who made only one appearance in a game nobody even played)

hmm… not very content (and kind of surprised) with only a handful of korean characters (only 4 or 5 of them people actually heard of) but i guess theres always going to be little stuff to complain about, right?

how about a couple more korean characters, juri was a nice addition imo… i guess ill have to wait on soul calibur XXI or street fighter 30: championship edition or whatever… maybe then they will have added 2 more korean characters

Cool story bro.

Sorry but what do you want anyone to say? Post this in a discussion thread instead of making pointless threads that no one cares about.

thank you for the useless reply

preciate it bro

What would you count as a useful reply? “You’re right bro. There should be more korean fighters. You’re right. So very right. Did I mention how right you are. So right. Ima go add some right now. Because that’s how right you are. So right.”

Make a stupid thread you get a stupid answer. Don’t get all defensive because your thread sucks and you should have posted this in a thread, not made a new one.

Kim Jae Hoon
Kim Dong Hwan
Baek (funny how you missed him since you play tekken)
Han Baedal

Play some other fighters for a change.

There’s this company called SNK, you may have heard of them.

Edit - more or less outsponded by MD

They’re busy doing

And Chae Lim, and Yun Seong and Hwang (i could be wrong about him though)

Here is a “korean fighter”. AHHHHHHHHH!

When you talk about Korean Fighters you should never miss the Kaphwan Family :wink:

the real question is where are the NORTH Korean fighters.

Kim Jong whatever’s closest brainwashed Elite soldier from swearing vengeance on the evil Imperialists and their puppet allies.
Move could include, prison torture, power up by the greatest leader, Nuke missile call down, etc.

Why have an elite soldier when you can do the job yourself.

A lesser-known character, Han Daehan from Ehrgeiz.

the only fighting games i actually play regularly are soul calibur and street fighter series

only played tekken every now and then; never played king of fighters

lol games are full of Korean fighters, there are even fighting games made in the country with only Korean fighters. There are more games than SF pal, this is Fighting Game Discussion forums after all.

You play two games and start complaining without even doing a search and start qq’ing?laaaazy at least