Where are the other *good* RECENT games

Why is there no thread for Dark Resurrection? All these old, obscure games and no Tekken thread. Or even Guilty Gear/Soul Calibur/Virtua Fighter for that matter. Someone please do those of us that are actually playing the more current games a favor.

Umm…they’re right here:


Search engine FTW???

Lock thread plz k thx

Dude, I looked through all the pages of the ‘other games’ section. There is a DR thread on page 5 or something where nobody is saying anything of any real significance, no slash thread, and I didn’t see any Virtua Fighter threads, or even a good SC3 thread either. Please stop coming up behind my posts and shit with your insolence.

Most people who play GG post on Dustloop. Tekken peeps on TZ I guess. VF peeps on VF.net, SC peeps on… I dunno actually, probably SC.com. Most games with established communities have their own forums elsewhere, SRK is more of a Capcom player forum- other games get mention when Capcom players are playing them, so if you want discussion on the game with people who primarily play those games, then you’d want to go to their forums instead probably.

That’s just kinda how it is, not any person’s fault or anything to get mad about.

Ok well…I wasn’t trying to be condescending or anything. I just wanted to make the point that SRK is generally associated with ALL popular fighting games. And instead of going to all those different sites you mentioned for each respective game, well, I thought that’s what this sub-forum was for. To make things more convenient. But yeah it’s up to whomever if they wanna have a real thread in here on one of those games. I was just surprised to see so many games when I took a gander at this section that are well…very old/broken and/or not popular.

That’s fundamentally besides the point. This is the Other Games forum, by definition you discuss games outside the main site’s focus here.

By that logic, we shouldn’t have a Fan Art Gallery, as there are plenty of other places to go for that.