Where are the rest of the SF1 cast?

I really liked the issue #1 cover with all of the SF characters. It has the SF1 characters that have recently been remade in new games (Gen, Adon, Birdie, Eagle) but where are the rest? I was kinda hoping to see Retsu and Geki at least. Ah well, pretty groovy comic none the less.

Retsu, Geki, Lee, and Joe aren’t really popular, especially since they haven’t received brand new sprites like the other lucky SF1 characters. I doubt we’ll be seeing them in the comic…but maybe UDON’ll make reference to some of them as a quick easter egg for SF fans. (like, Ken beating up Vega, and saying “You know, Ryu told me about some guy in Japan he fought with claws…but he was a ninja.”)

I’m not talking about seeing them in the comic, I would just have kinda liked to see them in that cover, since it had all the other SF characters in it (and Maki, who was never actually in a SF game). Anyway it’s no biggi.

I was thinking and then realized…the cover had every PLAYABLE Street Fighter character. If they became playable somehow…

Was Gill ever playable?

Yes, he was hidden in the Dreamcast versions. In Double Impact it was by moving off the screen. In 3rd Strike, you had to beat the game with everyone first.

Its kinda like what Bowling Pin said.

Udoneko actually explained in another thread why they didnt show them, but I dotn remember what he said exactly.

Although I imagine its because most average SF fans/players probaly would recognize all the chars on that SF#1 cover, but they wouldnt recognize those SF1 chars if they were on it, or if they were in the comic.

Those chars are too unrecognizable to most SF fans/players, or rather a majority of people who read/buy the comic, which is probaly why they may never show up.

Will the SFEX characters like Sharon, Area, Skullomania, etc…show up in the comic series?

No, they’re not really property of Capcom. Arika created them.