Where are the TvC autographed cards?

I was wondering if anybody else has 1 of the 100 autographed cards by Ryota Niitsuma. How many have been accounted for?

I have one here with me. I have not heard of anybody else.

It would be good to know how many in SRK has found them! 99 to go now! :smiley:


i still have my cards in the wrapper, i dunno if they will sell more that way or opened =/

I don’t think a lot of people care, but I’ll post it anyways…

Here are high quality scans for both the front and back for the TvC autographed card, the famous #13, only 100 made:

FRONT: http://www.capcom-unity.com/kasht/gallery/view_gallery.one?pid=101513968&current_nav=0
BACK: http://www.capcom-unity.com/kasht/gallery/view_gallery.one?pid=101514478&current_nav=0



Some cards went to people reviewing the game for sites like kotaku or ign. It’s stupid, why only make 100 and then give a good chunk of them to people just because they’re reviewing TvC or because they asked for one? It gives people less of a chance of being the lucky fan that gets one which was the whole idea in the first place. Needless to say, I did not receive one; although the lineup I did get was pretty awesome.

Still didn’t open mine.

I haven’t opened mine either. The prices on eBay have plummeted pretty hard, so it’s tempting to open them now…

I didn’t even get cards from Gamestop… Those bastards! -_-

Did you pre-order? I made sure I got mine, even though I didn’t have to ask.

Yep. “It never came in” according to the manager… He probably opened them Kept it for himself.

Man! Probably to late to follow up too. I would have requested to get them re-ordered and followed up. On the other hand, they’re just cards. IF I opened mine they would probably sit in a drawer somewhere.

Yup. Dude said he was gonna follow up on the cards and call me when the fightstick comes in. He said he wouldn’t even put it out and call me when he gets it. I come in the store few days later and see the fightstick on the shelf, he said he was gonna call me but forgot my number and said he’ll check the other store for the cards. lies I seen him recently and he doesn’t even look me in the eye. Lol

well maybe I win a ps3 or 360 from the survey i filled about my awesome service I got.

Gamestop sucks. Very disorganized company. Gives their employee’s minimum wage and very little hours. This happened to me too, I never got my pre order cards, that gamestop didn’t receive them yet. I was pissed about it cause the only reason I go to gamestop is to get pre order bonus’, otherwise I buy from somewhere else, plus I felt cheated. So I called another gamestop near by, and they had it, so I picked it up there.
Support Play N Trade guys. Forget gamestop, ****ing greedy corporate people run that business.

^ True that.

Daym, I should of done that and called another Gamestop myself. Well, I filed a complaint online which goes directly to their District Manager. He gave me a call and left me a message to call him back to discuss my customer service issue. I already gave him a few calls and left two messages. Its been a couple days now and I’m still waiting for him to call back… If this persist I might even have to take it further because I’m not going to take this crap.