Where are you gonna be staying at in Las Vegas for EVO?

I’ve been to Las Vegas once and I stayed at the MGM grand. It was a great place except there wasn’t a poker room in the casino. I had to walk across the street to the Luxor or to the Excalibur to find a Poker room.

Just wondering where are most of you guys planning on staying in Vegas?? Maybe we can play some console fighting games in the rooms.

at ruiN’s place :smiley:


I’m waiting for another Hotel hook-up from SRK. =]

It depends which hotel Evo is at. Last time I stayed in LV I was at The Orleans. I have nothing but good things to say about that hotel. I might stay there again.

I’m wondering if we all can get some sort of group rate at a hotel in vegas?

Bellagio or Wynn.

I will be renting a suite in both of the above mentioned hotels. I will then choose one based on my current mood at the time.

Where ever Evo is held at…It doesn’t make sense to stay at
another hotel, unless it really sucks.

how expensive are vegas hotels anyways???

I’ve heard thay they are actually kinda cheap, because they want you to drop all your money in the casinos

Well a good two bed room at the Mirage runs for $119 the night.
But that’s the Mirage. There are cheaper. Of course if you’re
going with a group of friends you can all split the cost. :karate:

The question is…which hotel will Evo be at?


Niggas trying to subtract my life but i carry the nine so fucking with me aint the answer


So I don’t have to worry about a place to stay, I will be in vegas all summer, FUCK YEAH!

I will have the trees you guys bring the drink…

Whoever said Vegas hotels are 110 a night AT THE MIRAGE is dreaming. In the Summer, and through the days that EVO is you’re looking at minimum 190 a night. You can find better deals off the strip, however. Not sure exactly the prices then…

This is why they need to fucking tell us where EVO is quick, so we can hopefully get some deals at that casino.

Someone house the King, please? :sad: :sad: :sad:

not sure yet where i’m gonna stay :confused:

Im staying wherever I can, trying to get roommates or something so I dont have to blow my lifesavings on one tournament.

I’m staying at the crazy horse…until they kick me out for public masturbation:bgrin:

That’s utterly disgusting, Dan. :confused:

I’m trying to find some place cheap. I’m not paying $350 a night at that baller hotel… I’m no baller… :sad:

I wonder if they have a “Shilo Inn deal” type thing… like $80 a night… Hmmm… can someone check up on that or something?