Where can I a Brand New Mint MAS Systems Mini Stick Pro?


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May I please kindly ask if anyone can recommend me a place where I can buy a Brand New Mint MAS System Mini Stick Pro ?

Thank You Very much for your time and kind help !!!


Honestly, you can’t. Not anymore.
After an attempt to get the business going again some time ago, they “fell off the face of the earth”.


I guess there’s just no real consistent demand for sticks with American-style parts.

Admittedly, I was building casings to house American-style parts well into the time period when everyone was buying Mad Catz TEs and SEs for SF4 (as seen here). I’ve since decommissioned those two sticks, but I’ve been meaning to take the time to build one more case for American-parts for myself, just for nostalgia’s sake.


American parts aren’t American. They’re either produced in China with shitty build quality, or they’re produced in Spain with amazing build quality.

Take your nationalism, your American flag, your apple tress, your fireworks, and shove them, RIGHT UP YOUR ASS.


You must go to Asgard to acquire such treasures.

@“Rick Ross”, do you ever stfu with your stupid troll bullshit?


No, I’m just a dick.


At least you’re honest about it.


hear hear. if you’re going to be a dick, let em know!


you can try contacting a custom builder here on SRK and see if they are able to reproduce a MAS-style case


Build your own damn MAS stick :l


just go buy one of the ps2 sf anniversary sticks and mod that baby. GOAT stick srs



You will have a better chance on finding a MAS Supernova controller these days vs and actual Super Pro.Stick Mini, but they are pretty much the same shell.

Add the terms supernova jamma cps1 and cps2 to your searches, and you might get lucky.

P.S. I just found this guy doing a quick search:

Probably not exactly what your looking for, but it’s small, deep, and straight six layout’ed :slight_smile:

Good luck sir! Hope you find one (before I do) :wink:


Not quite MAS, but here’s a empty case that has a somewhat similar style.


MAS Systems Official Thread

For $55 I expected t-molding to be installed, specially when the case is made from cheap particle board.

MAS Systems Official Thread

Looks like an AIB clone, which will be more huge’er (yay grammar!) than what the OP was looking for.


OK, well I ain’t selling it, so hopefully if he was interested he could contact the guy and work out something with him. Heck, maybe he could even customize a smaller one. I just found it for him to check out, and was the closest thing I could find, so just posted the info.


Just buy an old one off ebay or amazon, and if you want different colored iL parts you can get them from Paradise Arcade