Where can i buy a built stick that comes with seimitsu instead of sanwa?


I already own a madcatz te with sanwa jlf and sanwa buttons. Recently ive wanted to purchase a stick that comes with seimitsu buttons and preferably a ls 32 seimitsu stick.

Do any places sell sticks that come with seimitsu rather than sanwa?


there are the HRAP SE’s

the cheaper way is to buy parts and replace them in your TE if you want to try a seimitsu stick. LS32-01’s are drop in replacements so are seimitsu buttons in your TE


I think the SE’s were the only ones as the above poster mentioned, for 360 see: HRAP EX-SE but they have been sold out for quite a while. I don’t think there’s anything currently available with Seimitsu as stock parts.


Any Hori stick that ends with SE (Special Edition) uses Seimitsu parts:

HRAP EX-SE (rare)
HRAP3-SE (super rare)
HRAP VX-SE (available only in Japan)
HRAP V3-SE (same as VX-SE)

It would be cheaper for you to buy a MadCatz SE/Brawl stick and mod it with Seimitsu unless you can find someone selling a used EX-SE at a reasonable price. Importing a heavy stick from Japan will cost a lot.


I’m of the same mind as the opening poster…

I LIKE Seimitsu joysticks (LS-32-01, LS-40-01) better than the Sanwa JLF line.
I DISLIKE having to remove stock parts and install new parts all the time.

But that’s a general consequence of an industry that standardizes around one company…
Sanwa isn’t better than Seimitsu. Plenty of us have experience with Seimitsu parts and they are just as good and durable long-term as the JLF and Sanwa pushbuttons. There is a consensus among older, more experienced that the Seimitsu joysticks are better for retro-games and more versatile than the JLF. I would not use a JLF for old horizontal shooters let alone Pac-Man or Capcom’s CPS-2 fighters. You just can’t do dash moves very well with the JLF; the throw is awful and the stick doesn’t seem to recenter as fast as the Seimitsu lines do.

I’ve spring-modded the JLF to death but just could not get the stick to work well on much besides SF IV. I never got used to the square gate on the JLF, either. However, I play well with square gates on both the LS-32 and LS-40 and find those joysticks comfortable even in stock (unmodded) form.

A lot of people switch buttons because of the Sanwa 30mm’s high sensitivity and prefer the Seimitsu PS-14-G’s or PS-14K-N’s.
I prefer Sanwa 30mm’s myself but love the Pearl’s and switch-modded (with SW-68’s) PS-15’s.

The only joystick I have bought with Seimitsu parts installed is the old HRAP 3 SE model. Had to special-order it through Akihabarashop.jp… Saw the HRAP V3 SE on e-Bay in the last year but starting price on that was what I paid for the HRAP 3 SE WITH shipping from Japan!

So… yeah, you pretty much have to buy and install Seimitsu parts (or alternate color Sanwa’s) on your own if you want them. Beats paying $100+ for “exclusive limited-to-Japan” color variants. There’s nothing about a green HRAP V3 or blue HRAP V3 that makes them better than the stock HRAP V3 SA… The only difficulty is that technically those joysticks are only sold via Amazon-Japan and you will end up buying extra through third parties because Amazon-JP does not ship out of country!

P.S. – I have asked both Hori and Mad Catz why they don’t do Seimitsu variants for the US. Generally, they don’t have the confidence that these joysticks will sell well in the US… they don’t outright come out and say this but that is what I sense. I also have the sense that in a few cases there are exclusive relationships with Sanwa OR Sanwa as a parts vendor cuts better deals than Seimitsu… At any rate, Sanwa wins the popularity contest with mass-market stick builders like it or not…

Unless you’re a “mad modder” or like to customize and theme your joysticks, most players WON’T replace the original arcade parts. => Another point that works to Sanwa’s favor.


Basically i want another stick but i dont want it to be a madcatz. I want it to look different. It being dual modded would be a plus and like i said i really want seimitsu parts. Im kicking myself over missing eightarcs limited edition fusion sapphire stick. That stick has everything i want but probably wont be made again. :frowning:


I thought the SE didn’t stand for “Special Edition”.
I thought it was “SEimitsu”, sort of like how an HRAP VX SA would be for “SAnwa”.


SE stands for Special Edition.
It is not short for SEimitsu.

SA stands for Special Addition.
It is not short for SAnwa.

Play with words, you can say be short.
But it is not officially.


You need to go back a few generations to find sticks with Seimitsu standard.

Off the top of my head:
Konami Hyper Stick (PS1), Sega HSS-0136 (Saturn)[first run, later models used knockoffs], Sega Virtua Stick (PS2), the aforementioned HRAP-SE specials.

All JP NeoGeo sticks, as well as the Dreamcast Innovation stick & some models of Capcom Power Stick Fighter (SNES/MD) use a stick which is a cross between Seimitsu LS-32 & LS-30 (rotary).


Ah, thanks for the clarification.
I’ve always been under the impression that, while Special Edition and Special Addition work and are descriptive on their own, they never seemed to be good parallels to each other. As in, Edition and Addition are not very descriptive to their contents when you compare them to each other…


If you want dual-mod out of the box and not a mad catz, then pick up a Qanba 4. BUT, you’ll have to replace the parts since that stick comes with stock sanwa. The LS32/40 drops-in with no problems and any of the Seimitsu compact sticks (LS33/55/56/58) work with the flat P-40 plate.

That route might be cheaper than hunting down one of the HORI SE sticks.


In the past. :sad:


I PMed the OP
if anyone wants, I have extra seimitsu parts and a bunch of sticks for sale, hit me up!