Where can I buy a mad catz arcade stick in Croatia?

So , I really wanna go competitive with my super street fighter IV arcade edition. And I wanna buy a stick for my ps3 . And I live in Croatia and noone online that I found that sells sticks ships outside of US :S. I really need help with this …

So I wanna buy a Mad catz Tournament Edition FIghtstick for PS3 or if TE is not possible , the Mad catz SE Fightstick for PS3.

Please if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

Awesome, I have family in Croatia, parents are from Split.
But anyways try a re-malling service like Bongo
sites like focusattack.com uses Bongo for international shipping.


Hi Mr. Killa

I’m from Belgrade, it’s hard to find TE here on Balkan :frowning:
Send my PM if you are interested in custom stick with sanwa parts, friend of mine is building them and already shipped few to Croatia.
Or check out www.arkadna-prodavnica.com and be sure to visit site from signature:slight_smile:

Take care, bye


I’m from Zadar, and yeah, it’s kinda troublesome to get sticks here. Did you ever own a stick before?
If you are just starting out I would suggest Hori Fighting Stick 3 (around 500 kn) cause you can find it in SOPHOSlab in Croatia. You could also get HRAP 3 but it’s a lot more expensive.

Imaš msn? : ))

Hehe all people somehow connected to Croatia on one place :smiley: - Imam msn al imam ovaj T-comov USB internet a spor je pa se samo zakacim koji put. Darksakul , lol awesome I am around split to be honest , Šibenik. So Darksakul since I saw your which stick to pick kind of guide , is this any good? http://www.focusattack.com/products/Qanba-Q4RAF-XB360-PS3-PC-Compatible-Joystick.html Koffing , I wouldn’t really like a Hori , since they dont have sanwa parts and Darksakul said they arent so good if you dont mod them , and I have no idea how to mod :z. I would buy a Hori if its better then Quanba :? I just like Quanba cause of the sanwa buttons. But I would reaaaaaaaaaaaally like a MadCatz stick… If its somehow possible for me to get it in Croatia… :frowning:

I prefer Mad Catz or Hori over Qanba, but I am a against Qanba not because of quality but more so for a lack of reputation and my own bias.
The original Qanba stick wasn’t good.

Not that I’ve played with a Qanba to date, but I think they’ve come a long way from their first stick. I know a few ppl here (canada) that have owned the Q3 and they fell in love with it.

I think the Q4RAF would be a smart buy for the dual console support, especially in a place where sticks are hard to come by.

You don’t need an arcade stick to play SFIV competitively and you definitely don’t need one of the best arcade sticks on the market to play. Just buy what you got near you (hori is an ok stick) asap and start playing. If you never played a stick before it’s gonna need a lot of time and work to make a switch from pad or keyboard and you probably shouldn’t invest more money in it unless you are sure you are gonna stick (nice pun) with it.

heres the qanba thread

agreed i here they have a problem with some of the 360 mic jack echoing but a wireless headset could always fix that

As a person who’s never used the headset option on his stick, I don’t exactly see that as a problem :slight_smile:

Koffing seems like he knows what is he talking about :> I would dig the Hori if it had the stupid sanwa parts … So which one do you have? If you have the hori 3 one I may ask does it hurt your fingers or anything? I would like one just to start out , but I would also like to have stick that will last for some good time and be good for some nice time :smiley:

Depends on which Hori you buy. Some Hori have no Sanwa parts, like EX2, or Fighting Stick 3. Some, like HRAP3 use Sanwa Stick, but Hori buttons. Newest hori models (V3-SA, VX-SA, as well as VLX) use all Sanwa.

A quick key for Hori Sticks.
Model name ends in means what part it uses.
SA = All Sanwa Parts
SE = All Seimitsu Parts

If nether one is mentioned that its a Sanwa JLF stick with Hori buttons.
Hori buttons are 30mm and can be easily replaced with Sanwa or Seimitsu.