Where can I buy a modded PS2 with Action Replay?

Is there any website where I can buy a PS2 with all the needed modifications and equipment to play imported games?

hmm, dont know of any sites that would sell an already modded ps2 but its really easy to do it yourself, I went to modmonster.com and all you have to do is buy the fliptop cover case with the swapmagic and your good to go.

Swap Magic is a really good solution, I suggest that you check it out. Since I know from my own experience that Swap Discs and a Slidetool doesn’t reduce your
PS2’s lifespan, I know for a fact that Mod Chips (maybe new ones are better) are freaking evil and reduce your systems lifespan a lot.

Ehh, get a Network Adapter/HDD and load iso’s. I mean the PS2 laser is fragile enough, doing diskswaps is the last thing it needs.

That might be true, but my first PS2 used a modchip and it died out one year after, it can only play PSX games now.

The second PS2 is in good shape, even after 2 years of Swap Disc’ing.

Yeah PS2’s are just very tempramental. I know people who have had one since launch others 3 since launch. Some people just get lucky I guess. I haven’t used swap magic myself, but I just figured it would be excess wear on the laser.

Is there any kind of HD for the slim PS2? I looked at one point so I could get it all set up but I never saw a hard drive that would work with the slim model.

Yeah can get a usb harddrive but its pretty much pointless, very low compatibility with games.

I’ve seen wiring guides to attatch a normal hard drive to a PS2 - but its modification / soldering heavy, and not for the faint of heart.

What!? on the old ps2s just unscrew the network adaptor and put a hard drive in it has space for a hard drive and everything.

Edit: oh my bad you are talking about the slim ps2s…


Get one of those bulky PS2s and do the Memory Exploit. Then load your games onto HD to bypass the region lockout. Saves the life of your laser! Mine almost died out if I had used it any longer.

yes there are several options
1.)usb hd which is kinda shitty
2.)HD Connect

Thanks, I’m gonna buy this

Lucky me that I have an 8-screws PS2, but it’s starting to die on me(it takes a long time to boot a game and it hardly ever boots when set horizontally). I had it since launch so it’s been good to me but I think I’m gonna have to get a new one for the swap case. I was under the impression that a mod chip AND swap magic were needed together to play imports, thanks you guys for clearing that up. I’m gonna get that and then import KoFXI, FotNS and Kenichi.

No way. Using HDadvanced with a Hard drive on PS2 not only rocks, but its compatable with 96% of games out there! In addition to that one can store all his games to HDD, save the PS2 laser from wear, and get FASTER load times in gaming.

Rioting Soul please don’t waste your money on a premodded PS2 or fliplid junk just to play imports. The only gamers who use those methods are those who don’t know about the superior, cheaper, and easier Hard drive solution.

It also works on those games you listed.

How easy is it? And what’s this about compatability issues?

An original model PS2: You simply remove the back cover of the drive bay, slide in your Hard drive, connect the network adapter, insert the HDadvanced discs, and follow the on-screen directions. Done. Zero soldering, swapping, or cover replacement junk involved. Every computer IDE drive can work with it(except western digital, does not fit network adapter).

With the newer compact PSTwo: It is the same, only you will be using an external USB Hard drive instead. Everything else works the same.

As for compatibility issues, with HDAdvanced 96% of games are said to be compatable. Which i agree with since just about everything i’ve ever tried, works fine with it including hnk and SS6.

It is not cheaper. Whats cheaper is to take that baby apart and manually swap this disks by taking the top off. Its ghetto but fantastic for the poor like me.:wgrin:

OK, I think I’m gonna go with this option now.

When i said cheaper i was mostly referring to buying a premodded PS2. I’ve seen those run about $320+.

A decent 80GB hdd only costs about $40 with $15 for the HDAdvanced discs. That is not much.

It is easy to set up and a totally worthwhile investment in the long-run. It works great, you save wear and tear on the PS2 laser, can store all your games to the HDD, and with a lot faster load times too.

For example: I have Hnk and when playing back from the disc, it is about 2-4 seconds for each match to load. When playing back straight from the hard drive however, the matches load almost instantly.