Where can I buy a new stick?


I really feel retarded that I literally cant find anything. I have a Super SF4 Stick for my PS3, and my SE for my XBOX has finally given out. I’d really like to find a a Super SF4 version for XBOX too if I could, but I literally cant find any sticks at all. Not on the madcatz website or amazon, unless I wanna pay like 300$.

I’m really confused as to why I cant find anything anywhere. All typical trading websites have people posting them for way overpriced prices, and none of the actual sites of legitimate stores, not even madcatz seem to have them… Like, not any sticks, I just want a TE for my XBOX, at this point I don’t care what kind, I’d prefer Super, but if someone can lead me in the direction of a new stick that’d be great.


http://store.gameshark.com/listCategoriesAndProducts.asp?idCategory=274 if you hurry the evo11 code might still be good.


Wow… thanks. Don’t see why I couldn’t find that.


IMO, with all the sticks your buying it’s time to invest in a custom built to cover all your systems. I think any good builder honestly owns madcatz but I prefer a bat top myself so I view any madcatz as needing a mod anyways. Or DIY, with little know how, money or tools you can order whatever you can’t make and it just plugs together with the right parts. Do it yourself or going through a builder your going to get a lot more stick for your money.

If I were you, I’d take the cash I had for the new stick, sell the SE for parts, sell the Ps3 stick after doing a cheap art mod to attract buyers and take that wad of cash right over to the trading post here in on shoryuken and find a builder, many may have good sticks already on hand ready to ship.


A custom would be amazing, but you could probably save $$ by sending your PS3 TE to Toodles, James & James, Gummowned, networkingyuppy, or any number of quality modders for dual modding. Hop over to the Trading Outlet (http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?forums/trading-outlet.341/) and browse around a bit before making a decision/purchase. There’s even a thread listing modders by region. It’s a sticky–you can’t miss it.

If you decide on a custom as Jimbo suggests, here’s a list of my personal favorites: B15SDM, Soujistiks, Ronin Warrior, and Project Giantsword. Any of them will give you a quality product, but some are pricier than others.


A 360 TE outfitted with a TE Kitty is the nicest/cheapest multi-mod you’re going to get out of a stock stick.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t eventually get into a custom. I’ve got two TE-S sticks though: one all Sanwa, one all Seimitsu. Change with the game.


frys electronics has TEs for sale… and gamestop…


Correction, Toodles does not regularly do mods for other people. Toodles outside his own sticks only modded someone else stick only once this year.
And that was to further test out the TE Kitty on a Chun Li TE-S arcade stick. B15SDM, Soujistiks, Ronin Warrior, and Project Giantsword are some of the mpore higher quality modders/ Builders but they are also the most expensive. I seen a really good B15 stick go for near $500 (give or take as B15 lives in the UK).


Either fix the one you have, grab one in the next 15 minutes off the madcatz site with the evo code, or just build it yourself.

Unless you have something very specific you want to do that’s unreasonable to expect from yourself, I say build your own.

I was super nervous about my first build (just last week - it’s a stickless I made out of an old cigar box). Now I’ve got plenty of confidence - the Cigar Box worked on the first try, I noticed there was a loose wire, glued it dow and that was that. It’s not the nicest wiring job ever, but the fucking thing works. And I made it!.