Where can I buy a stick that will accept ANY artwork (trademarked characters/logos)?


Hi guys, here’s my dilemma.

I’m interested in getting a custom stick (Bat-top circle gate, clear seimitsu buttons in straight arrangement and custom artwork on the face) much like the ones they sell at AIAB. Unfortunately, AIAB does not allow copyrighted characters and logos to be printed on their sticks. I’m far too lazy and talentless to build a stick on my own, so does anyone know where I can get a stick of AIAB quality/size but without these restrictions? Price isn’t an issue, I’m ready and willing to splurge on it.

Because I’m actually commissioning an artist to do this work for me, I’d like for the artwork printed on the stick to have the same resolution and DPI as AIAB uses on their sticks, like this:


tl;dr I want an AIAB stick without the copyrighted character restrictions, where can I get one?

I’d appreciate any help with this.


Trading outlet —> that way.

Or, you could try contacting some of the custom builders in Tech Talk.


Alright, sorry. Thanks.


you can get an aiab stick and then send the artwork to mamemarquees.com


How does that work? Do I send them the AIAB I recieve and tell them to print my artwork on it? As I said, I need it on the buttons as well.


Send to them the art you want print.
They print on cool thing with adhesive on back.

You get.
You cut.


I think you can take the AIAB template and Photoshop your work to that, then send the file to Mamemarquees.com.

They will then print it out on an adhesive Arcade controlpanel Vinyl for you to carefully slap to on top of your stick. I think AIAB stock art is from Mamemarquees. Just cut the cutouts for the buttons yourself with a hobby knife and scissors.

I got my art for my stick from them.


That looks like a nightmare. Do you take out the faceplate first and then cut the holes out through it? Is it easy to ensure that there’s no holes or bubbles?


You know, if you want it to do it the easy way, get a TE, then order a full panel plexi from Arthong, he’ll even print out the artwork for you. Just get a Sanwa GT-Y bat top with adapter and use the last 6 buttons on the stick.


But I’ve looked into it and decided I want LED buttons too.

Basically I want a stick with the works. I’ve PMed a few builders so far and I’m waiting on replies, but do you know if Arthon does it too?

My original question still stands and I’m just wondering if anyone can help me find the easiest, quickest way to get a really pimped out stick (money is, again, no object.)


For all your questions, check out the Noobie Thread which interestingly enough, has a link to the light up LED tutorial.


The thing is, I don’t wanna build/solder it myself. I don’t have any DIY skills at all and I can’t even think of having one of those torches near my delicate fingers. Sorry if I sound a little unscrupulous about it…


I’m interested in this as well. What’s process did you use to mount those?


i have an AIAB stick that i put my own art work on. buy the AIAB stick minus the artwork (or generic artwork) send the artwork you want to mamemarquees.com (this is where aiab prints their artwork for their sticks) and put the artwork on your stick. its really easy. and it comes out just like the AIAB stick does.