Where can i buy arcade machines?

Well i wanna buy some arcade machines. These will be my first ones but i dont know where to buy them at. I live in illinois so can someone plz tell me

If you’re serious, this is something you really can’t do online very effectively because machines are behemoths. Shipping costs suck. You can troll eBay - stuff comes up there pretty often. There’s some other companies that sometimes offer machines, but buying a “remote” machine seems insane to me, since if there’s problems (and with arcade cabs there likely will be) you’re SOOL.

  • Talk to your local arcade operator. They got their machines from somewhere.
  • At places that don’t have an arcade operator but rather have rental machines (this is your typical roller skate rink, bowling alley, etc), those machines either have a decal for the rental vendor or the people that run the facility know who runs that route and takes the quarters. That guy is probably the guy who bought the machines, and is another hook-up.
  • Look in the Yellow Pages. “Arcade” or “Amusement” should get you pointed the right way. Most direct vendors will charge you the price for a cherry unit - so you’ll likely get a better deal for a used cab, but that’s not always possible.

If you want used machines, eBay, the rental route guy, or arcades that sell such as Tilt are your best options. Tilt is way overpriced though, in my experience. And even if a place - such as a billiards place or a jukebox place - seems like a dead end, it’s a related field, and chances are that the operator there knows a guy who you want to talk to. :smile:

Good luck! goes back to enjoying his two cabs

its from germany thou…

ok thnxs guys well ive been looking thru like the internet and i cant really find nothing in illinois so ill keep looking

I would like to add should i just like buy some cabinets and just add the games to them and is that possible. Im a total noob so plz feel free to like help me out :slight_smile:

I’m also from Illinois. There’s a place in Lisle that sells arcade cabinets:


I found out about this place once when I took a wrong turn while driving to school. I never knew it existed before. I never went there personally though, because at the time I was late for class but I managed to find thier website and it looks like a pretty good place.

I also looked on google and found another place:

There’s some other places located in Chicago, which you can also check out although some of them don’t have thier own website or information about themselves:


Most of these do provide phone numbers though, so I guess you could call them up if you need more info.

OMg thanks a lot

Not sure if they have them in your area, but in LA there are arcade auctions every month or two. You can find tons of shit there.

where in La?