Where can i buy Kaimana PCB? they seem to be discontinued?


really want to buy a Kaimana LED PCB and pele rings

that’s pretty much the fanciest led driver board out, right? for a single console stick

they are not available for purchase at paradise arcade

anyone know what’s going on with those PCBs? or have any info on an alternative that’s same price and as easy to install


It is available at Paradise arcade Shop, here is the link



yes, it’s on their website, but it’s actually not in stock if you try to add to cart
"Availability: This product is no longer in stock"


Take your questions here

The people who is responsible for the manufacturing (and sale) of the Kaimana monitors that page.
If the site reading there out of stock, it is not that they are discontinued. Its that they are waiting for a resupply from the factory.


Send an email to susan@paradisearcadeshop.com and/or armi0024@gmail.com.