Where can I buy Real Arcade Pro. 3 Fighting Stick?

Someone recommended it to me and I read some good reviews for it. Unable to get the TE so this will be what I’m getting.

Where can I order one?

As of Monday, you could have bought it on Amazon but they are sold out right now. Supposedly on these boards its been mentioned that they’ve gone out of stock and have come back in stock a few weeks later. I actually ordered mine on Monday and got it by Tuesday (with amazon prime). So far I love it.

Yesterday I decided to buy the HRAP ex for the 360 but saw that they are all sold out on Amazon (well sold directly).

If you want to get it now I believe that play-asia has them in but its more expensive and not sure how expensive shipping is. You can also try to find a local import shop that may have them. I’m gonna try looking around NYC today to see if one has them. If anybody has any good ideas, let me know.


Does Amazon the company sell it or do invidiual companies sell it? I feel a lot safer if Amazon sells the actual stick.

As of now individual companies, but theres no real risk in buying from them as well.

Right now its 3rd party. As of monday, it was Amazon directly. You will have to pay their shipping even if you have amazon prime. The condition of the product can vary. Its important to look at the reseller rating and see all the feedback. Just realize that right now the cheapest one is $130 plus what would at least be $10 shipping if not more. Then you will spend another $20+ if you swap out the buttons. The question is, is this worth it to you?

This is my current dilemma with the HRAP ex even at Amazon’s regular of $130. That premium of $30 over the HRAP3 is ridiculous IMO. I know MSFT charges accessory makers extra dough but not $30 extra.

Yeah you are totally right. I honestly hope Mad Catz does make more TE sticks. By the way, what was the price on the HRAP 3 off of Amazon?

$100, I just received mine in the mail a couple days ago. For a long time is was actually being sold for $90 but they raised the price about a month ago.