Where can I buy Sanwa OBSF-RG buttons?

Does anyone know a place that sells OBSF-RG buttons?

akihabarashop.jp – reopens on May 8th.

Didn’t the OBSF-RGs go out of print? I guess I’m wrong then. I might pick up some RGs and some dark hais and make with the modding on my SF4…

I thought the same thing.

Like stated above aki carries them . At least he did last time I looked. been wondering if its worth it.

I tried them and didn’t like the way they feel. The standard buttons are just fine, no need for rg’s IMO.

Thanks guys, I really wanted these buttons after finding out that they were the same ones on my hrap2sa, I knew the buttons on my TE felt different

Stock HRAP2 SA buttons are normal OBSF-30s. They’d only be RGs if you got a modded stick.

Yup, I was going to type that also, two hours ago.

HRAP 2 Special Addition does not come with Sanwa OBSF-30RG stock.

How did your HRAP2:SA come with TAUNT?
Previous owner?

HRAP:SA did come with OBSF-30RG in Vermilion color though.

They sell RGs at Video Games New York in NYC. =)

do these rg’s fit in a te?

I think RG’s are mint.

Cream of the crop in terms of Sanwa buttons.