Where can I buy SF Ultimate Edition Vol. 1?

I’ve been wanting to get into the SF comics forever and figured the Ultimate Edition Vol. 1 is the best place to start. But I’ve been having a hard time finding it. I don’t want to pay a lot of money either so the paperback version will due.

Anyone know where I can buy it at a decent price?

I feel like I’m missing out on a sweet ass series :sweat:


You’ll never find it. Udon is a very smart company. So to inflate the price, they released only 2,500 of the Softcover, and a limited amount of the hard cover. So on ebay, occasional auctions go up with it going for over $100 bucks. When the retail was 49.99…and amazon was 32.99.

All in all, I hope that Udon can do a reprint.

So in other words, nowhere.

Well that sucks. There’s no way I’m going to hunt every issue down.

I remember Amazon, Buy, and Barnes & Noble sites having the book but it was always OOS no matter how many times I checked back. I’ve been looking since last year.

I found this link but I don’t know if it’s legit…


I’m pretty sure all of them are sold out. with 3K max, that’s very slim. You can buy the TPBs though, if you buy all 4 of them, you’re set!


If anyone wants the TPB, you can purchase them off Amazon.com (their prices are rather cheaper)

Like Chrno said, if you just want to catch up, get all of the Street Fighter TPBs volumes 1-4 as they cover the entire series. That’s your best bet.

Thanks. I’ll guess that’ll hold me over for now.

Too bad I’ll have to miss out on all the back-up stories and other extra stuff >_<

?_? I’ve read the majority of the comics and they all have back-up stories telling events that occured BEFORE the events of the comics (Heck even Geki gets to appear in one of them).

Nope. All of the back-up stories are in the SF TPB volume 4, you won’t miss anything. :smile:

I was also looking for the Ultimate Edition, but just ended up ordering Volumes 1-3 from amazon and buying Volume 4 at a local shop. The price just seemed way too high for me.

The only down side is they’re taking forever to ship. They won’t even be shipped until March :frowning:

How is Udon a smart company?

With the obvious demand out there for this book, why in the hell have they not put out a second printing?

Some of the crap they do makes no sense at all.

Volume 1 of the tpb has like, 7 printings. Volume 2 has how many? I’ve only seen 1st editions of Volume 2. Volume 3 is still orderable and 4 is currently on the shelves.

Sarcasm man, take the sarcasm joke. And then you’ll be ok.

They actually reprinted Volume 1/2 to be harder and not magazine crap. So yeah, that’s getting reprinted…but all this manga translation is okay, but they should REALLY be reprinting the ultimate edition…I think it’s even easier to find their books in the store now too, so yep.

I mean seriously, if you are not a Street Fighter fan, don’t give a damn about buying comics, but you pick up this book that’s complete, it’s like “WOW, AWESOME” instead, Udon did the unthinkable and printed few…for those “HARD CORE” owners…


Sorry, I honestly couldn’t tell there…

I found mine at Barnes and Noble online about a month ago. Of course, when it arrived half of issue 11 was missing along with the first four pages of issue number 12 :rolleyes: I can’t tell you how mad I was about that, but since I own the original issues I didn’t care. Even if B&N don’t have it in stock online you should try and use their store availability feature. Just put in you zip code and it’ll check the surrounding B&N stores near your area to see if they have it in stock. There’s one in stock near my area. The store might be able to physically ship it to you.

Just scored a used copy of Ultimate Edition on amazon for $45! I just typed it in for the hell of it since I was there to buy some used textbooks anyway and got mad lucky! Don’t know which cover it is though.

Just hope everything is in one piece lol.

Had it for a few days now and I gotta say this book is f’n amazing! I have the normal Ryu cover btw. I got damn lucky finding this.

I haven’t had a chance to start reading it yet, just flipped through the pages.

I think I have a good chunk of them, I’m missing atleast the first few but I can look. Just PM me and we’ll work out something I guess. I think I have the entire Darkstalkers series, and that was actually a way better comic.

I do remember seeing in one of Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalogues soliciting a reprint of the SF ULTIMATE Edition, softcover, this time with an Evil Ryu cover on black. It was supposed to have been released in January or February sometime but haven’t heard anything about it since.

Has it been released and I missed it again? Or is it late/cancelled?