Where can I buy the Kuroda DVDs?

I can’t read fucking Japanese either so um… link me anyway.


you have to go to game inn sakura. its two blocks from sugamo station in tokyo. next to a matsuya and 2nd floor above tsutaya (a video/cd store).

ask for the kuroda DVD’s, full set (16 dvd’s) should be ~4800yen. you can’t bring in blank DVD’s anymore, you have to buy it from them.

a big bonus is that they have free play 3s running constantly for 500 yen, so you can beat up all the scrubs you want (or get owned).

Isn’t 4800 around $50 in US?

If so, I want to buy those Kuroda dvd’s.

slightly less than 48 dollars. depends when you go, the exchange rate is shit sometimes and other times its good. last time i went was 103yen = 1USD.

Who can buy those DVDs for me? I’m even ready to give double price for it%)

yep Im also looking for someone to purchase these DVD’s for me …anyone in Japan at the mo looking to make a tidy profit :slight_smile: ???

does he play every character in the game on those dvd’s?

I have a friend in Japan right now who is working on getting the entire set for me.

yo upload or youtube it when u get it

Unlikely as the vids are way too long.

However if I do get the set I will do my best to make them available. Perhaps resell or something.

I think that’s illegal or frowned upon.

either which way don’t forget to link!


Thanks to these smarty pants commenting on pruegel79’s channel, we are probably not gonna see more of Kuroda beasting.

Seriously, if Kuroda want’s to act like a fucking martyr by “quitting 3s if the DVDs are uploaded”, then let him. Guy is selling DVDs of himself playing a video game for 45 bucks, for God’s sake. Like he would have anything better to do than hanging at the arcade all day long, anyway.

So yeah, someone upload the DVD’s, kthxb.

Since when is a private resale illegal or frowned upon?

I don’t want kuroda to retire. kthxbye

KOfiend said every character except chun li, urien, and yang

i wouldn’t say upload it to like, youtube. but i think if you do get ahold of them you should upload them as a zip file or something. that way us gamers and kuroda are happy (since he wouldn’t know) :bgrin:

yeah, somebody needs to do something about this. Those dvds should become available to the 3s community.

i think he wants us to go to japan to level up our game instead of sitting home and watchin his vids…shit ill do both though he’s just too good =P :tup:

Kuroda must have a sick Ibuki.

I agree but it’s harder than an Indiana Jones adventure tryin to get these DVD’s.

he never said he would retire btw. he said he would quit making dvds. don’t be retards.