Where can i buy the madcatz TE stick?

I wanna order it when i get my refund hopefully sometime next week but gamestop told me they only get it for people that preordered it and my only hope would be online. I checked and found a couple sites that sell the stick but they are all sold out and don’t really know when they will be getting anymore. On a side note before i plunk down the money it is pretty much universally excepted that the madcatz TE stick is the best SF4 stick ?

There is NONE unless you feel like buying them from Amazon users for $400-600

You’re going to have to wait.

BTW the TE SF4 Fight Stick uses Sanwa parts so it’s a pretty good stick.

ok well i’ll just wait but can you suggest any good sticks to hold me over. No cheap plastic sticks please :slight_smile:

Craigslist or Ebay.

What console?

I’m looking to get rid of mine, only used it a few times. Love the Sanwa stick and the buttons, Hate that I can’t use it like I did my Hori in HD Remix. SO basically I want a Hori with all Sanwa parts. PS3 BTW.

ps3 and after checking out the sticks at arcade in a box i’m not sure if i want to get the the madcatz stick or if i want to get a stick from them and upgrade to sanwa and semetsu parts. Anywhere where i can see some reviews of their sticks ?

I think you are offering to let me buy the stick and i appreciate it but am not interested in a used stick.

Well, what you could do is buy a ps2 stick such as the Tekken stick or the Hori Real Arcade Pro’s or anything else and then use a converter such as inPin or Pelican.

You want to pay $$ for a custom joystick just to turn around and have to mod it from Happ to Japanese parts? Maybe AiB isn’t the vendor you should be looking at?

Screw that dude. Go ahead and purchase the Fightstick SE, It’s hard to find, but around. I had to drive an hour to pick mine up last night. Then go over to lizardlick.com and get yourself a nice Sanwa stick and some buttons. Replace them, and you will end up spending roughly 140. 130 if you buy the PS3 SE stick. So you have the same controls in the TE - now in the SE box. Take it from me the SE case is fantastic. Nice, heavy and sturdy.

you are going to have to spend more than 100 to get a se right now . very very difficult to find in stores. plus parts youre really looking at around 170

and you wont be getting the parts until this whole stick building/modding craze is over. but its a good stick to hold you over till more te’s come out.

It’s not impossible to find an SE stick right now, numerous stores around me have the PS3 one. The XB360 one is another fish… but here’s the deal: your friendly gamestop emplyee can actually run searches for in-stock items in surrounding gamestops. I recommend you try this little-known tactic to find yourself a stick! Hope that helps out.

hopefully he can find one where he lives.

Hold over? An SE stick with replacement parts is an awesome stick to have for years.

you can order the AiB with sanwa/seimitsu parts…:tup:

Agreed. Amazing stick.

It’s solid as hell. If the PCB holds out, the SE will indeed be considered quite the legendary budget stick. I haven’t even modded mine and it works beautifully.

Good luck getting one tho… lol.

I wonder how much money MC could have gotten if they had mass produced these at a higher level. Especially the TE. Cha~ching $$. Oh well, they will learn I guess. :slight_smile:

Every stick maker should smack themselves in the face for not being better prepared for this game. Hell I want to smack myself for not throwing some sticks together to sell.

I too love my SE, I fixed the washer before I even used it and it has been working great. I find the stick to be damn nice as are the buttons. Some guys on here will complain about anything if it isn’t name brand. I’m not saying Sanwa isn’t better, hell I have their parts on order, but out of the box, when it works the SE is a great stick. I have a Mas Arcade stick with a P360 and quite frankly, I like the SE better.

There is one store near me (Syracuse, NY) that has 2 for the PS3 still sitting on a shelf, I won’t lie, I bought the 360 one they had and sold it on Ebay. Hey, it’s a recession, gotta do what ya gotta do.


how much are the 360 SE sticks going for now? How much can i sell it for?