Where can I buy Wholesale PSX Controllers?

I used to buy my PSX controllers off ebay… I used to find a lot of 8 Barbie Controllers for $10… Yes, they are Barbie controllers, but they are actually just rebranded Interact GamePads. They work perfectly and I have been using them in the past 20 sticks I have done…

Now I am running out… and I can no longer find controllers like this at such good prices on ebay. Anyone know where I could find good PSX controllers?

PM’d you.

Yeah… unfortunately, I have no desire to buy 1,000 controllers…

why can’t you just go to gamestop or a similar place and buy all the used ones? the guts are all you care about, so they usually should be fine. really cheap too (i think), like 2$ each.


they have them for cheap prices. also if u email them they will give u a discount for huge orders.

Gamestop is getting really annoying with their used peripheral sales. I went in one the other day and found two ps1 remotes priced for a ps2 remote. I went to the register to tell the young lady that the remote is priced wrong. She went ahead grabbed the remotes and refused to sell me them. She claimed that they were removed from the system.

It’s funny that she said that because the previous week I went into another gamestop and bought two remotes for 7.99 and the sku was still in the system.

When doing padhacks you generally want to use official remotes so that you don’t have issues with converter support. Some converters tend to be picky about what remote is being used.

gamestop is a retail bullshitwhorehouse that doesn’t know what they’re doing.

i’d like to know the answer to this question too… subscribes

What she means is: I’m a lazy biotch and don’t want to resticker / fix inventory to make a sale to a customer. GameStop doesn’t pay employees enough to give a sh!t about decent customer service. Can’t say I blame her.

you can always email your fav. ebay wholeseller and see if they can work out a custom order for you.