Where can i find a Arcade Stick Case?


Noris Arcade is closed till end of may and they are no longer making DIY Cases. Arcade in a box does not have a DIY and they are too expensive. I’m looking to spend no more than $70 (maybe $80) for everything so hopefully a case won’t run me more than $50.


Well, I make some pretty cheap ones for HAPP sticks if you are interested.


Not, really. They’re pretty competitive.

There is no way you can make a stick for that budget. American parts will run around $25 for a stick and 9 buttons (before shipping). Japanese much more so ($20-25 for a JLF, $2+ per button). Then you need a PCB, solder, wires, etc.

$150-200 (minimum) for a custom arcade stick is the going rate for a reason.


You can try the unfinished boxes from Modchipman.com or Kaytrim Kustoms but I dont know how much they go for.


How much cuz yeah i’m looking for HAPP for mvc2.

Well i was thinking of using a PCB from a broken PS2 controller i have. And yeah i’m on a budget cuz i’m not working right now, i did see the MAS Super Pro Sticks for around $100 and i hear there perfect for mvc2. And if worst case i can order a HRAP3 for $100 and wait till july.


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I sell blank cases.


By next week I’ll have a restock.


I need one more post to be able to reply :frowning:


Oh wow i really like your dark walnut and other colors. But i noticed you said JLF and i’m gonna use HAPP stick so it’s not gonna work right?


wow, really? Im about to make my own, and im nowhere near that. wood from home depot, soldering iron, and wire, and solder for maybe 50$. already got controllers, but i coulda got a cheap one for the pcb from gamestop for like 20.

I cant see how youd spend more than 100 at most if you did it all yourself, but i could be about to learn a lesson


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I thought you had to be registered for 6 months before you can sell your stuff?


I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me find a case. Still working on it and undecided as to go custom or premade thing. So far gigazord has offered the best case if it is the way i think it is.


Oh, I am sorry, didn’t notice.


That’s ok he recommended i get a finish case instead and he was helpful…